Progress is Victory

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh start. A new day to celebrate how far you’ve come!!

A new day to look at how far God has carried you. How far you’ve traveled away from the old, and unto the new.

A new day to rise up and walk forward another few steps. A new chance to just keep going. Some days we run, some days we walk, and others we just take a few mini steps. Just keep facing forward. Now going back, no looking back. There’s nothing left for you back there.

Every day that you rise and move ahead is a day to celebrate your victory. Yesterday, I shared my deep desire for growth in my faith: to have an even deeper, wider, stronger faith. As God continues to work in me and our relationship deepens, faith will increase as I grow in trust and as I keep saying yes to the ways of God over my own ways. I can only do that by the grace of Holy Spirit who moves me, equips me, and leads me by my spirit rather than my flesh.

This morning I am reminded that yes I have so much more to experience in my walk with Christ, but I am also not where I used to be. For that, I am so thankful. I may not yet be where I desire, but I’m not where I was either. Praise be to God for that progress, because I could never have overcome some of the things I triumphed over without God battling on my behalf.

My son Brycen has been in Occupational Therapy for 6 months. They’ve been working with him pretty intensely twice a week and giving him homework activities. The goal has been to strengthen his eye muscles to help him track items across a page so that he can learn to read. He was having trouble crossing the midline of vision. Another goal has been increased attention span and the ability to regulate his impulses. He has worked so hard. There were so many hard workouts that he didnt want to do, and completing non- preferred tasks is another struggle for him. Yet, for the last 6 months, I watched him push through and have victory after victory..They were small steps, but they added up to big changes. This past Tuesday, my sweet boy graduated OT. He has made enough progress that they feel he is ready to just keep practicing the activities and strategies at home. It was a day to focus on how far he has come, and he was filled with such pride.

In so many ways, the days are still a struggle for him. He has not yet overcome everything, but have any of us? He may not be where he needs to be “yet”, but he is definitely not where he was.

And that my Gorgeous Friends is a perspective changer! When you are frustrated with your own slow growth. When you feel like you wanted to be farther in some area of your life. When the enemy is all up in your face flaunting your failures…. pause and ask God to remind you of how far you’ve traveled.

Sure, you may still have some terrain ahead to blaze. But there is a track behind you far and wide that you’ve already plowed through.

Celebrate friends! Celebrate all you are in Christ, and where you are traveling today with Him.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You for continually leading us forward. Thank you for your nudges ahead when we are frozen stiff. Thank You for Your gentleness and patience with our growth. Thank You for the continual equipping of Holy Spirit to keep moving ahead. In Jesus’s name, Amen.

Blessing and sweet celebration!

Vanessa Lynn

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