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Hi friends!

Even three years in to sharing on this blog, I still feel like I have maybe a water droplet of understanding compared to the full glass of opportunities available. I started three years ago just sharing whatever spilled out of my heart. I was writing as a way to process and heal from trauma and loss.

I was seeking Jesus with a newfound appetite. I was soaking Him in, allowing Him to dress my wounds, and trying my best to drown out the noise in my head that was the result of decades of verbal and emotional abuse.

Jesus healed me and set me back on solid ground. He breathed new life into me. He revealed Himself to me as good and patient and loving and completely in control even when my world appeared to be spinning out of control. He broke the chains that had been holding me captive. He washed off labels and lies that I believed in my core to be true. He replaced them with the truth of what He says about me. It was a process, and I am still walking out my healing each day as I put my feet on the ground.

Today, this blog is evolving! God is opening doors, and revealing to me that this is my mountaintop that I have been entrusted with to praise Him and share what He has done with my ashes. He picked me up and performed miracle after miracle, and I trust that He is not done yet!

If you are here and reading this, I am just going to be real…. I have no idea what I am doing in regard to the “blogging” community. I want to learn and grow and share, so I am playing with something new each week. Some of my new adventures are: I am recording audio versions of my blogs on screencastify, making images on canva, I recently posted an article on, and I just joined Amazon Associates. It is a bit overwhelming, and crazy exciting at the same time to believe that this little corner of the internet that I have been entrusted with by God could very well be just in the seedling form of something still yet to bloom.

So with all of that, here is my first Amazon link. It’s a link to Christian Clothing on Amazon. Clothed in the Word

I love to wear Christian inspired clothing, and so for my first try at making links to Amazon, that is exactly what I chose! I would love it if you clicked the link and checked it out! And just bear with me as I use this space to try new things.

And over the next few months, as I play with new links and new possibilities, I hope all of you will give me grace when I make a mistake. I may need to fail at this a bit before I find what works and what actually adds to this space without distracting from the main purpose, which is and by God’s grace always will be…. Empowering people by sharing God’s Word each morning. Much love to all of you! Thanks for being here!

PS: If you are a fellow blogger and you have a tip for me, a great program, or something that has greatly added to your site, will you kindly share in the comments? Feel free to add a link to your blog, so that I can check it out!

Vanessa Lynn

Christian Apparel on Amazon

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