Fresh New Grace for Today

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh start. The earth has been renewed once again. The sun will rise and symbolize the beginning of all things new. New day, new chances, new opportunities, new grace and new anointing to do the very things God is calling you to.

There is a fresh grace available to you today to get up and move into the spaces that you thought were reserved for everyone else, but you.

There is fresh grace available from heaven for YOU to be filled with the strength to do the very things you never thought were possible.

There is fresh grace available for this very day. It doesn’t matter if you tried before and failed. It doesn’t matter if the last time you were gripped by fear and frozen in place.

Today is a NEW day, overflowing with provision and grace for the very things you have been believing wrongly that you could never do.

We serve the God of the impossible. He has communicated that to us time and time again…. He is able to do exceedingly above and beyond all you ask. He is able to do the impossible. Nothing is too hard for our Lord. He spoke the world into existence. He formed and fashioned His people with His Hands from the dust of the earth and the power of His breath. He has split the sea, stopped time, closed up the mouths of lions trained to kill, walked the earth fully human and fully God, healed people with a word, a touch, or an instruction, and even death is under His dominion as He called Lazarus back to life after days of being in the tomb.

He triumphed over sin and death and was resurrected. Nothing is out of His control..He is on the throne and Lord over all.

We serve an amazing Lord who is not only all powerful, all knowing, and everywhere. He also has made Himself fully accessible to His people. He loves you with an everlasting love that is beyond our full understanding. He is bigger than we can fathom. I once heard my pastor say, “I am so glad I serve a God that is beyond my human understanding. I don’t want to serve a God that my human brain can completely figure out because then He wouldn’t be a very complex God.”

And it’s not that we are not intelligent, complex humans! We are! We are created in God’s image, but He is even more than we can wrap our minds around. Which is great news when nothing makes sense and it feels like our world is crashing down, because it means that He is still in control. He is still at work. He knows the behind the scenes information that we don’t know yet. Just because we don’t understand our current situation doesn’t mean that God is not busy working it all out better than you can even fathom.

Today as you move ahead into places you had previously counted yourself out of, remember the power of your spoken words. You are powerful and what you say carries immense power.

Here are a few declarations:

I have the grace and anointing from God to do all He has called me to today.

My Lord is able to do exceedingly above and beyond all that I ask.

I serve a powerful, all knowing, ever present Lord who invites me to call Him, daddy.

I will trust Him today even when I don’t fully understand my situation.

I am a chosen child of God, and I can courageously move into new territory with God’s equipping grace.

Friends, go forth today brave and courageously. You have the Lord of the Universe cheering you on and equipping your every step.

Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for a brand new day. Thank you for new chances, and for new opportunities to say yes to you. Fill us with courage and drive away fear. In Jesus’s name, Amen.


Vanessa Lynn

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