Let This Day Be Guided by You & a Prayer for Women Experiencing a Crisis Pregnancy

Goood Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh start! A new day to rise and seek Jesus. A new chance to simply pray, “Let this day be guided by You Lord.” He will take you up on this prayer again and again.

Yesterday, I had a mountainous todo list at work. I was preparing for a writing training that I am having today and I still had alot to do to prepare. As I was working in my classroom yesterday morning, I felt a sudden urge to deliver a set of boxes in the 5th grade hallway. It didn’t make sense because I was right in the middle of something, but I jumped up and grabbed a box and headed that way. I delivered the box and passed by a classroom with a teacher frantically trying to reach the office by phone and a student who was crying.

I stopped and asked if she needed help. She did. I can’t share too much more other than this student really needed someone at that moment and the teacher did too. She was trying to assist her student, and she was supposed to be in an important meeting down the hall. I offered to take her student to the office.

The student was really upset and needed someone at that moment. I told her that I would take her and we started walking. We got to the elevator and she just turned to me, hugged me, and sobbed. She was desperate for reassurance. I knew then why God sent me to deliver a box down that hallway. I took her to the office and stayed with her a little while and then headed back to my room shaking my head in awe of the Father. He has a Heavenly agenda to bring love to hurting people. We have the privilege to partner with Him and be the vessel that He pours love into so that it can flow onto others. That student needed to feel safe and loved and God sent me down the hall to do just that.

We have another opportunity to make an impact for the kingdom. Today kicks off 40 days for life.

Check it out here.

From Sept 25th to November 3rd there is a movement of prayer and fasting to end abortion. This is a mountain only God can move. I believe He is already changing hearts, minds, and providing alternatives for women.

Today, I am sharing my prayer for all of the women across the globe who are pregnant, scared, hurt, in crisis, and in need. Please consider joining me in prayer for the next 40 days and beyond.

Lord, mountains to flee. Women to be healed. Lord, open hearts. Let peace fill the women who are scared and unsure of where to turn. Lord, hold their hands in a tangible way so that they can experience You and Your Love. Lord, hold so close these women. Speak to them clearly through the noise of the world. Let Your love and Your truth be made clear to them. Provide for them safety, healing, and comfort. Lord, Lord a miracle is needed on behalf of these women and their babies. Lord, a mountain moving miracle. Each woman across the globe who experiences a crisis pregnancy needs abundant doses of love and affirmation. Lord, let the voices of love speak into them. Let them receive wise and loving counsel. I pray that they receive courage to make loving choices for their child. I pray that they are able to find resources for healing. Lord, that you would increase the resources and people available to love and care for women who are scared and alone and pregnant. Lord, remove the shame and pain and disappointment and replace it with love, healing, and acceptance. Lord, I pray that right now women are feeling peace in their spirit. They are receiving new ideas for whom to turn to and who to talk to. They are feeling a newfound strength to rise up and bravely face their pregnancy with You by their side. Lord, let this battle against the dark be won so that women feel valued, loved, assured of their own identity, and that of their baby. Let them know truth that You crafted their every feature and are currently crafting their child’s every feature as well. Lord, provide, provide, provide for every need these women have. Abolish every mountain they feel they can’t possibly climb. And send good counsel to them. In Jesus’s name, Amen.

Blessings today!

Vanessa Lynn

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