Every Breath is Sacred

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh new start. Each day a precious, precious gift. Every breath is sacred. We don’t usually think of breaths as being something to cherish, yet there are people around the world thankful for the opportunity to breathe a little longer, to live a little longer. To make an impact and love on their loved ones a little longer.

Life is truly a precious gift that many times we hardly think about until we are faced with a diagnosis or a loved one’s diagnosis or someone we loved dies suddenly. Then, we get glimpses of the sacredness of every new dawn. The beauty of having breath today.

The ups and downs and pain that we feel in this life sometimes weigh us down and cover our eyes and senses from experiencing the beauty of having another day of breath. We are clothed in worry, covered in fears, and building walls of protection around our heart. All of this can keep us from tasting and seeing that the Lord is good. We get wrapped up in survival mode and we miss the beautiful conversation we have been invited into. We miss the sunrise or the sunset. We miss the, “Mommy look!” from our excited little one. We sometimes speed through life at lightning speeds and we miss the connection to people around us, we miss the little moments that were gifted to us as little joy doses. Little reprieves from the harshness of the world. God has lovingly placed them all around us. We just have to breathe in, slow our pace, and enjoy the gift of each new day. There are treasures sprinkled all throughout the day if we will only look for them.

Today if you are joining me in praying during 40 days for life, let’s continue to pray for the hearts of women. Women all over the world to know Jesus as their personal savior. Women to experience radical, life changing, course altering love that knocks them off their feet and sweeps them away. Crazy love of the Lord that they never knew existed. The love of a Shepherd who leaves everything behind to go rescue the one.

Dear Heavenly Father,

I pray that women are hearing the truth of Your Word. That women are being introduced to the love of a good, good Father God who loves them and shaped them and formed them. Lord, show women that You are the Creator of all things and that because You created them they are chosen, valuable, loved, and walking on earth with a purpose. I pray that truth to sink down into the bones, heart, and spirit of each woman across the globe. I pray Lord that as we know our own identity was formed and fashioned by You, then we will also view every single human life as sacred and precious and formed by You. Lord, let there be an overflow and an outpouring of Your Spirit today touching the hearts of people with new levels of Your love. That even believers would feel refreshed and renewed in love today. And that prebelievers will experience Your love and be forever changed. In Jesus’s name, Amen.


Vanessa Lynn

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