Here I go…

I’m sitting in my driveway with the car in park. I just got up off my knees in prayer and my final words to God were…”If I don’t leave now God, I may not have the courage to go.” I grabbed my keys, a bottle of water, and got in my van.

I am going. I am going to do this. How on earth can a sidewalk be so frightening? Well, first of all, it’s new. I’ve never stood on a sidewalk to stand up for something. And the only images I’ve ever seen of people protesting on sidewalks have been on social media and the news. And even if I agree with their cause, I never imagined myself to have that much boldness, courage, or strength to stand up and face the dark face to face.

But God calls me brave. God promised that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us, and He promises to never leave me or forsake. He will be there today giving me a dose of strength and courage that I could never possible muster up on my own.

I am driving into Fort Myers to stand on a sidewalk in front of a building I have never seen. I have already read online that we are not welcomed there of course and the only safe parking is at Sonny’s BBQ where we have been welcomed with open arms.

Like, am I really doing this?

Yes..I am. And why? Because I love women, and I am standing up today for women AND the precious life they carry inside of them…. More to come later.

PS: the website also said to bring your favorite pro life sign…. (I don’t have a sign)… but I do carry the love and hope of Jesus Christ, and I plan to let Him lead the way today.

And my shirt came in the mail yesterday. I believe God did that on purpose for just another little nudge.

“He has created me with a purpose.”

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