Stepping out onto the Waters

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh start. The Lord has been merciful yet again. We are arising to a new dawn, a new gift, a new chance to love, and move, and grow.

And wherever Jesus calls you, He will supply. You can do anything and go anywhere that your Lord calls you. Where He calls you, He will give miraculous equipping to accomplish the impossible. You will be able to step into places previously off limits or out of your ability to tread without His supernatural intervention. You will be able to walk in places that previously seemed out of reach or places you had counted yourself out of because you could just never possibly do that or go there.

Jesus demonstrated this phenomenon of just how far we could stretch the limits when we keep our eyes steadfast on Him. He showed us with Peter. The disciples and Jesus were in a boat travelling. The disciples woke up and noticed that Jesus was missing. He was not in the boat. Instead, He was out at sea AND He was walking around on the water. Peter asked to join Him. Jesus said, “Come.” And Peter faithfully stepped out of the boat. He temporarily forgot all logic and just wholly trusted in Jesus. The result of fully trusting Jesus was miraculous. Peter walked right on top of the water. He was able to do the impossible just like Jesus. How could he do that? As long as he remained eye to eye with Jesus walking in faith and trust, He could accomplish the impossible. He could walk on the water. As soon as he took his eyes off of Jesus and began to think rationally again and realized that he was out of the boat and on the water, he began to sink. He cried out, “Lord, save me!” And Jesus faithfully reached out and saved him.

Friends, we too can walk out of the safe and secure boat and onto the waters of the unknown where Jesus is. He is there waiting for us to move in great faith toward the great purposes that He has in store for us. And as long as we look to Him while we tread on top of the water, we will continue to do what is impossible to humans, yet possible because we serve an all powerful God.

When we have a momentary lapse, and we doubt or we fail to keep walking, Jesus is STILL merciful to save us. He immediately pulled Peter out of the water and onto the boat. He did remind him though of his little faith. Which signals that had Peter remained looking at Jesus and trusting Jesus, he could have walked even farther.

What waters is God calling you out and onto today? And, how far will you go without taking your eyes off of Him?

Dear Heavenly Father,

Help strengthen us in faith so that we can begin to step out of the boat. Train our eyes to stay steadfast on You, so that we can travel farther than before. Eyes on You Jesus. Lord, awaken our hearts and give us clarity for where you want us to get out and walk on the water. In Jesus’s name, Amen.

Blessings and oceantop movements in the earth!

Vanessa Lynn

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