Why I took my children to Planned Parenthood…

So for those of you following my journey, I have been stepping out into the waters of the unknown. I have taken a huge plunge and walked out to where Jesus has called me, and if I dare to take my eyes off of Him, I know that I will sink.

So, each day I rise, and I look to Him for my next instruction. Eye to eye with Jesus is the only way that I can continue on each new dawn. I am exercising my voice again after being silent for far too long. And the task before me is one that I never would have picked up without the prompting of the Holy Spirit. I believed that my calling would bring me to speak on the topics of foster care, adoption, or maybe even healing from trauma. And, God may still lead me to speak about those topics too, but for now He has very clearly asked me to speak up for the voiceless. He has instilled a burning passion in my soul to spread awareness through love. To love on women, to share His Word in love, to pray in love, and to speak in love.

So, where do I start? Well, since I am not steering this ship, I don’t really know where it will lead. I don’t know how long or how far this calling will be on my heart. But, I can share as the journey unfolds…

As most of you know, I took the first scary step last Thursday of showing up on the sidewalk in front of planned parenthood. You can read more about that here:

Here I go!

And here:

More About my Trip to Planned Parenthood

After that first visit, the next big step was to speak to my kids, and involve them in this mission. Let me be real and open here. I was not going to involve them at first. I am very protective of the information that they hear and see. We don’t have cable. We don’t listen to secular radio stations. They do listen to some secular music, but only on a song by song basis, no radio talk shows or commercials, etc. They don’t watch violent movies or play violent video games. I share that simply to give you the background of how I wrestled with what to tell them about abortion. They are still very innocent to the darkness out in the world. I started with my oldest son who is 12 almost 13. He is currently taking a civics class, so our conversation right away took a turn to constitutional rights. I was surprised to find out that he already had formed some thoughts about the pre born child’s rights under the constitution. Talking to my son on this topic revealed to me that I need to be talking with him about many many more topics because he is getting information at school already. We need to be a constant voice speaking the truth of God’s word to our children, so that they can view the world through “truth filtered lenses”.

Talking to my 9 year old daughter was harder. I struggled, but I also knew that if I didn’t give her truth, then she would get the world’s version and she may believe it. Once we make an agreement, it’s hard to break it. And since my generation has grown up with abortion being legal and accepted, it’s a silent agreement that many of us have made, “believing that it is a part of women’s rights and if we dont agree, we must not care about women or their rights.”

I wholeheartedly LOVE women. I have grieved with hurting women. I have been there during trauma. I have watched women rise up from the darkest of valleys. I do not want to restrict the right of any woman, and so this topic is HARD. Its uncomfortable. It downright hurts sometimes. It touches wounds. It brings up pain. I get all of that.

Yet, I also can’t close my eyes and ignore that abortion stops a little beating heart of a child formed and fashioned and planned by God.

So as I choked on my words, I simply told my daughter that mommy loves babies, and God was calling me to be their voice. She immediately thought that I meant adoption. Her innocence made me want to stop the conversation, but I continued. I said, “There’s a very sad law in place that allows a baby to be removed from its mommy before it is ready, and the baby dies.” Her sweet face fell and she wanted to know who gets to choose. She asked me if the doctor or the mommy decides this. Again, I wanted to stop the conversation, but friends, the world will tell your sweet children these things anyway, but the world will wrap evil in pretty bows.

So I continued, “Mommies sometimes make this choice because they are in a hard situation and they believe its best. We need to pray for mommies to get help and for babies to be safe.” And that’s how we left it. We are going to pray for mommies, babies, and laws to be made to protect babies and care for women too. I can tell you it was one of the hardest conversations that we have had. I can also tell you that I am glad we had it, because now she knows what to pray for.

Now she can be a voice too. She can be an empowered woman who stands up for women while still holding onto the sanctity of human life. She can be grounded in the fact that God preplanned her, formed her, designed her every feature lovingly and carefully. She can stand on that truth and if it’s TRUE for her then it must be true for all of God’s children.

The little three are way too young for any explanation. They just know that we are praying to keep babies safe. So, what happened next?

I took my children to the sidewalk on Saturday. Ayden had a robotics workshop located just a few blocks from Planned Parenthood, so we left the house early Saturday morning and made time to stop and join up with the other prayer warriors on the sidewalk. And I am so glad we did. My kiddos talked to all of the people. They smiled and waved at the cars driving by, and my children were a visible reminder of why these volunteers work so tirelessly at their cause. They do it for the children. They are speaking up for innocent children who have a right to life.

Friends, if you are following 40 days for life, today is day 7. There are 33 days left of prayer, fasting, and being a peaceful presence. This battle will be won on our knees. As we pray, things are shifting. Keep praying for women to get the resources they need. Pray for women to receive truth and heavy heavy doses of love. That women would have good counsel, and someone safe to talk to in their time of need. That the Lord will send beacons of light into the darkness and that followers of Christ would be voices of hope, healing, and truth for women who need it. Friends, there are many things we can pray for in regards to this topic, but for now I feel compelled to keep steadfastly praying for women. That women would know their true identity in Christ and know they are valued, worthy, and LOVED. And if you have a daughter, make sure you drown her with truth about her identity, her value, and her worthiness. And mommies, we can’t teach our daughters what we don’t believe ourselves. Keep leaning into Jesus and asking Him to reveal His love to you more and more. Stay open to your own continued journey of finding your identity in Christ. The best testimony or case for Christ for your children is to see you madly in love with the Risen King as your personal Savior.

Photo credited to Fort Myers 40 days for life. You can check them out here:


Blessings to all of you!

Vanessa Lynn

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  1. I love everything about this. I too want to be this example for my children. I am praying that more women choose life. ❤️

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