Earbuds to Heaven

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A totally fresh start! You have been blessed with another opportunity to rise unto God and to hear His voice.

He has promised so many good things to us. He redeemed us and drew us close to Him. He chose us and sealed us with His mark of redemption. He has cleansed us and made us a brand new creation in Christ Jesus. He has made a way for us to enter His Holy Presence with an open invitation to come freely anytime. He has promised to walk with us and to talk with us. To draw near to us with an inclined ear when we pray, and to answer us back.

When Jesus ascended to heaven, He made available a most precious gift to His followers. He sent the Holy Spirit to take up residence on the inside of us! The temple in the Old Testament under the old covenant was a building and only the high priest could enter the holy of holies where the Lord’s Presence manifested. After Jesus’s sacrifice, one perfect sacrifice once and for all of mankind to choose to receive, the new temple is our bodies! The Holy Spirit now manifests inside of us revealing to us the kingdom of heaven. The Holy Spirit writes the laws and ways of God on our hearts..The Holy Spirit guides us, instructs us, and reveals things to us. The Holy Spirit is the way we “hear God’s voice.”

Yesterday morning as I was writing, my daughter who is nine, came in and started a conversation with me. It was very early, still dark out, and all the lights were off. I talked to her for a moment and then she laid down. She wanted to talk more, and I said, “Addy, I can’t talk right now. I am listening to the Holy Spirit.” I said it casually with almost no thought. Addy very innocently said, “Do you have earbuds in?” I laughed and said, “No honey. I said I was listening to the Holy Spirit.” We have talked a lot about how people hear God in their spirit. It was early and it wasn’t clicking for her. She pressed on more by saying, “I know what you said mom, but I don’t see any earbuds and I don’t hear anything!”

Love. Love. Love. The sweet innocence of a child can make things so clear! That’s a good picture for what Jesus has offered to us through the Holy Sprit! “Earbuds to Heaven!” Of course the Holy Spirit is so much more because of the power and the equipping we also receive. However, Addyson’s question helps to create a visual of us with earbuds to heaven listening to God’s instructions, His guidance, His love for us, and His promises all day long. When we pray and we seek the Lord, He promises to commune with us and to speak to us and to answer our prayers.

We are an empowered people who do not live separated from our Lord, but rather so close to Him that He has chosen US as His Holy Dwelling! That causes me to pause and just revel and praise Him! He chose me with all my faults, flaws, past mistakes, and tendencies to still fall. He STILL chose me as a place to reside, inhabit, and share the wisdom of God’s instructions. He chose me to bring forth a destiny to advance His kingdom. And friends, He chose you too. When you place your faith and trust in Jesus Christ, you receive the Holy Spirit and a new way to live and hear from God.

Remember from yesterday, we can’t access our inheritance if we don’t know that we are an heir to the throne. So if the Holy Spirit is a new concept for you, ask God to reveal His power in your life. Ask for wisdom from the Lord and He will instruct you. The bible is abundant with information about the Holy Spirit and the power and instruction we receive from the spirit. And it’s an ongoing journey of being filled with the Holy Spirit. No matter where we are in our walk, there is always a deeper relationship available as we grow in Jesus.

Go forth today knowing that if you have accepted Jesus, you can confidently say you have, “earbuds to heaven.” You have the ability to hear the voice of God as you walk with Him!

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You for such a precious gift to entrust to Your people! Thank You for talking with us, walking with us, moving and guiding us! Thank You for being a personal and close Lord who actually lives inside of us! Help each one of us to grow deeper in our knowledge and understanding of the power of the Holy Spirit at work in our lives.

In Jesus’s name, Amen


Vanessa Lynn

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