His Light, His Shaping

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh start. A new dawn is upon us. Fresh, new, faithfully rising. Darkness will have to flee as the sun emerges. The light will come and all darkness will have to go. A sweet and gentle reminder that as we spend time with the Son, darkness cannot remain. His light will bathe our pain, our worries, our struggles, and He will bring light to our dark areas.

One of my prayers for a long time was, “Lord, come into every part of my heart and my being. Shine your light everywhere. Light up every dark corner. Move the furniture, shift things around, and shine your light under, around, and all over every part of my heart.” That is powerful prayer because God shows up to do what you are asking. He will come and gently start to shift and remove, clean, and rearrange. He will work on your motives, your desires, your dreams, your hurts, and your fears. He will make sense of your past, give clarity for your present, and instill fresh hope for your future.

God will replace fear with love.

Worries for peace.

Lies with truth.

Shame with identity.

Hurt with healing.

Sadness with joy.

Doubt with faith.

Chaos with order.

Intimidation with boldness.

Confusion with clarity.

And darkness with sweet light.

And inviting the Lord into every area of our heart and asking Him to do what only He can do is an ongoing prayer that we can pray often. God continually works in our hearts and our lives as we are being shaped and molded to reflect Jesus in the earth. So until we take our very last breath in our human bodies, we are a work in progress. The Lord is making a beautiful masterpiece out of each of us. To fully complete the work, He desires willing subjects.

Imagine if everytime the potter molded a piece of clay, the clay remade itself the way it wanted to be instead… the potter never gave up though. He worked and worked and gently sang to the clay. He comforted it when it was scared. He breathed identity into it and named it as He was molding and shaping and forming. And everytime the clay crumbled itself and reformed itself into it’s own desired form, the potter patiently kept working. The potter worked through the resistance of the clay lovingly and carefully. As the clay became more willing and resisted less and less, the potter’s design on the clay stayed longer and longer and became more and more intricate as the potter just kept working and working. And no matter how beautiful the sculpture was, the potter still had more to add to its beauty. The longer the clay trusted the Potter and stayed still while He worked, the Potter was able to add in gemstones and color, and more and more beauty radiated from the sculpture. When the clay resisted, the Potter patiently waited or even remade the parts that were destroyed by the clay.

Our Lord is patiently waiting for us to allow Him to work in us and through us. He has master designs for us and for our lives. The more willing we are to just give Him our all, the more intricate His design on our life.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Here we are Lord. Willing and open to Your work. Come into our hearts, our lives, our hopes and our dreams. Rearrange the furniture, shine your light into dusty corners, and make all things new. We submit as willing clay into Your loving Hands. In Jesus’s name, Amen.


Vanessa Lynn

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