The Lord’s Table

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh start. A new day to rise and join the Lord at His banquet table. He has it fully set with the finest of linens and dishes. He has filled it with all of your favorite foods. There are appetizers, main courses, desserts, breads, dips, spreads. Nothing has been spared at the creation of this table and all of its offerings. The food is abundant and divine. God only creates the best, and for you child of the Living God, He has gone alllll out!

He is inviting you to come and sit and dine with Him. He desires you to enjoy the food to the fullest from the delicacies to the comfort foods. Slowly eat and drink, talk to Him, enjoy His company, let Him reveal to you things you have not previously known. Tell Him your worries for the day. Let Him assure you that it will all work out, and everything you fear is being handled already. Tell Him what still hurts from long ago. Let Him heal it. Invite Him into that space. Tell Him what you need, He will remind you that He is a complete provider and He will care for your needs. Sit and dine with Him, laugh with Him, enjoy His company to the fullest. You will leave His Presence totally filled and ready for whatever lies ahead today.

Everytime you are hungry or thirsty, you can revisit this table. The Lord has prepared it especially for you. It is waiting for you to take a seat at the table with the King and receive all He has for you. If you sit quickly and just eat speedily and run from the table before dessert or conversation, you will leave still feeling unfulfilled. You will desire more. You will have empty spots waiting to be filled, because you rushed your meal with the Lord and didn’t receive all that He so lovingly prepared for you.

I received this vision a few weeks ago when I was praying. The vision was a beautifully dressed table filled with every good food. It was abundant and beautiful and Jesus had set the whole thing and was sitting there waiting for me to join Him. He had prepared it specially for me, and it contained everything I needed. Yet, I sat down, ate quickly, and ran from the table. He had so much more available for me, but I chose to leave before I experienced it all.

My lack of receiving what I needed wasn’t because He hadn’t prepared it! I missed out because I didn’t fully enjoy the meal with all of the gifts offered on it. I rushed through my time with Him and left His Presence before my full meal.

Friends, I am so often pressed for time. I am guilty of not spending enough time in the Presence of the Lord. My prayers may be rushed on some days. My quiet time with Him way shorter than what I need. He faithfully waits with everything I need, and I just need to spend time with Him to receive it fully.

His grace is so far and so wide and so beautiful that He faithfully resets the table every day. He fills it lovingly with all I need. He places the salve for my wounds, the courage for whatever lies ahead, the boldness to take the next step He is calling me to, and all the equipping I need for the day. I can sit with Him and enjoy His company and He so gently pours into me His strength and His spiritual food and drink that will sustain me through anything that comes my way.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Draw us to the dining room table where You are waiting with all we need. Lord, help us to hunger and thirst for you. Lord, help us to slow down and eat all You have prepared for us slowly and to our complete fill. Let us not rush out of Your Presence, but instead let us soak You in at the table You have prepared for each of us. In Jesus’s name, Amen.

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