Eyes feasted on Jesus

Good Morning Gorgeous Friends!!!

It’s a brand new day. A fresh start! I slept for 10 and a half hours last night. I had my twins asleep by 7:15, and I crawled into bed with my baby girl at 7:35. I didn’t get up until 5:55….

At first, I was feeling guilty. I missed my morning post. I didn’t get much time with Jesus. I read the story of the angel appearing to the shepherds and I noticed so many things I didn’t notice before. I started to write a post, but there was so much to share and I was out of time. 🙂 So unless Holy Spirit leads me somewhere else, I will finish that post tomorrow morning.

Today, I am just sharing a few musings on my heart.

Every time you feel the pressure on your chest, look to Jesus.

Every time you feel pulled in too many directions, look to Jesus.

Every time you are overwhelmed, look to Jesus.

Losing your patience, call on Jesus.

Longer todo list than hours in the day, look to Jesus.

Feeling anxious, frustrated, or scared, call on Jesus.

Take your eyes off of the struggle, off of the bills, off of the overburdened schedule, off of the pain, off of the fear, off of the natural circumstances around you.

Take your eyes and intentionally and deliberately choose to look at Jesus.

Look at His love. Look at His birth story. Look at His miracles. Look at His arms reaching out for you.

Close your eyes, imagine his outstretched arms reaching for you. You can make a choice to run straight into them and sob every worry into His chest. Tell Him your sorrow, your worry, your fear, your mounting list of things to do. Ask Him for help, and strength, and joy!

Stay there awhile. Don’t rush back to the struggle until you have been in His arms long enough to get every single thing you need to carry on.

Friends, everything you are seeking is found in HIM!

Every worry, every need, every hurt, everything you need, He has the answer, the healing, and the provision already ready.

So today let’s run to Him. Stay awhile. He will fill you to overflow.

This is a picture of my bedroom right now. I have to walk by this hot mess every time I go in or out of my room. Every bag has gifts in dire need of organizing and wrapping. Between Chuck and I, we have 9 kiddos total and 4 granddaughters. That is just the beginning of our Christmas gift list. We have our parents and close friends and childrens’ teachers too. And I enjoy picking out every gift. I love the process of choosing presents for people I love.

Yet, this is NOT the sole purpose of this season. Mastering the todo list will NOT consume me this year. That is why I have walked by that mess all week without wrapping yet. Because I am not sacrificing my family time, my time with Jesus, or my sleep to get it done.

I will wrap it when the opportunity arises, and I will do it a step at a time in manageable chunks. No one is asking me to run a Christmas Marathon except my own desire to “be done and ready”.

So again just now, I walked by it and instead spent time on my living room floor in prayer. Why? Because all those gifts are in celebration of the birth of the King! And I will not sacrifice my time with Him to plow through my to do list. I am choosing Him above all, and trusting that I will get those gifts wrapped with peace and joy reigning in my heart!

Dear Heavenly Father,

Keep our eyes feasted on YOU. Remind us over and over and over and over again why we celebrate! This season is all about Your miraculous birth and love for us. Thank You for reconciling us back to You through the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus!

In Jesus’s name, Amen.

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