Got that Momma Grace?

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh start! This Christmas Season feels like it is whizzing by! The days are flying off the calendar, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with it all. I have been posting about keeping our eyes on Jesus and holding tight our joy.

And I feel the call to speak specifically to mommas during the Christmas Season.


You dear sweet momma are valuable and worthy just as you are today.

This is for all mommies, yet mommas of school age children need to hear this most.

Yes, you can do it all strong momma. But, that doesn’t mean you have to.

I see your heart poured all out and into this season. You love the magic of Christmas and the giggles and squeals.

You are rising early and staying up late. You are organizing family Christmas photos and fun cookie decorating playmates.

You are following the festivities at school and doing it with care. Laying out Christmas socks for Monday, dressing them green from head to toe for Tuesday, and ugly sweater day to follow. Or wait was it supposed to be Thursday?

And someone needed Graham crackers for Friday or was it yesterday? Did I miss it?

I see you sweet momma laying out pjs for pj day and sending in the treats. I see you trying to keep it all straight, and most days you got it, but what happens when you fall?

What happens when you send your kiddos in hats on sweater day or leave the homemade cookies on the counter?

I see you waiting for the last little eye to close so the elf can travel. Googling fabulous new ways he can leave a mess you’ll have to clean.

This season is magical and filled with fun festivals and such. The food is amazing, the days whirling by, and as you give it everything you’ve got and you’re trying to keep up….. here is my treasure of truth that I’m still learning.

Yes, you can do it all strong momma. But, that doesn’t mean you have to.

Your value and your worth is not found in the exotic places your elf travels.

Your value and worth is not in getting every school dress up day just right.

Your value and worth is not found in the holiday picture or in the perfectly dressed kids.

You my dear momma are worthy and valuable just as you stand. Our Lord Jesus came as a baby in the most humble of ways so that you could be free from striving and struggle.

You need to hear that you my dear momma are not made valuable through the hard work you do, you are already so valuable just being you.

And when you forget and mess up a day. There’s a special grace we all carry and we need to give it to other mommas in abundance and often. We need to share it so freely and be ready to give it to ourselves when we need it, it’s called momma grace. The grace for when we dress them the wrong way. Grace for the cookies on the counter. Grace for the dollar they left home. Grace to forgive ourselves when we slip and know dear momma that you’re valuable and worthy even when the cookies sit home.

Dear Heavenly Father, Please fill mommas up today with a sense of their value and worthiness found only in you. Help us to walk in grace to be set free from striving. Lord, help us to stay grounded in joy and in love. Lord, help us to keep giving ourself and our friends extra doses of grace. In Jesus’s name, Amen.

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