A Fresh Dose of Mercy every Dawn

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh new start. A new dawn. A new chance. A newness in the earth every single morning. This is not by accident, nor happenstance. This is not coincidental.

The morning is deliberate, and always on time.

It doesn’t delay. It doesn’t change its mind and skip a day. Morning comes regardless of season or weather. Morning comes no matter the predicted storms of the day. Morning does not hide its refreshing light in anger or greed.

Morning comes to cleanse and refresh, to rejuvenate and to drive away the darkness of the night. Morning is faithful and can be counted on to arrive on time every time.

And who set this beautiful pattern into motion? Who delivers a fresh dose of mercy with each sunrise? The same Lord who hung the stars, moon, sun, and planets is the creator and author of time. He is the designer and sustainer of life. And He declares that His mercies are brand new every morning!

You can breathe in deeply this morning and revel in the gift of a brand new, God given clean slate because of Jesus. He has been merciful to His people and continues to be merciful. So merciful that He left the throne room of Heaven to walk among creation and provide a way for us to be in relationship with Him renewed and set free from the evil grip of sin.

And each dawn is a gentle reminder that we serve a faithful, loving Father who gives another chance today. Would you take His Hand today and accept His mercies and choose Him today?

Choose time with Him.

Choose prayer.

Choose His Word.

Choose His Presence.

Choose His conversation.

Choose to set apart time to pour your heart out to the One who hears and sees you.

Choose Him because He has already chosen you.

I pray a gentle peace fills you as you revel in the love of the Father today. I pray that this new day is one of fresh revelation of How far and How wide and How vast and How deep His love is for you whom He crafted so carefully and with divine purpose. I pray that no matter how close you may already be to the Lord, this day, this fresh new morning, you feel drawn even closer.

In Jesus’s name, Amen.

Be Blessed! Happy Sunday to all of you!

Vanessa Lynn

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