Faith in the Waiting

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh start. A new day to move ahead into the promises of God. He is a good, good Father.

He is continually speaking with His people, and in order to hear Him, we need to slow down and be alert and on guard for His messengers, His quiet still voice, His wisdom that He imparts on us through others, and His direct conversations and responses to us.

The Lord has things to say to you, and when you incline your ear to Him and listen, He will direct your paths and make them straight.

Abram may have made mistakes and struggled with fear and doubt, and yet we read that he keeps turning to God. He keeps having conversations with God. He stays open to the Word of God in his life.

And sometimes God’s Word cost him something. Sometimes God’s Word required him to patiently wait in the space of longing. These were opportunities for him to grow in his faith and keep trusting God even when it didn’t make sense, even when it seemed like God had forgotten His promise. And sometimes Abram “got it right” and other times Abram fell and made mistakes.

I am reading in Genesis the conversations between God and Abram and the Lord just keeps reminding Abram of the promise. He speaks again and again His promises to Abram. Yet, Abram remains childless. We are not talking a few years either. Decades are passing and Abram and Sarai remain childless. Yet, God keeps speaking of the numerous descendants that will come from Abraham.

So Abraham continues to move and follow God. He continues to believe in the promise of the Lord. And some days, some months, some years, it seems like God hasn’t moved at all. Sometimes, it may seem like God has forgotten about him. Maybe God meant someone else or maybe God meant something else.

The waiting season can be haaaard. Especially when there is no evidence of movement. Especially when it seems like nothing is happening, and there is no signs that anything will ever happen like the promise.

In that space, there is a beautiful invitation to be strengthened by the Lord. In these waiting spaces, we can enter into conversations with the Lord that we might miss out on if we had everything instantaneously.

In the waiting spaces, there can become a dialogue between us and God where He calms our spirit and reminds us of the promise. In the waiting spaces, we learn lessons and truths that strengthen our faith. In the waiting spaces, our character is refined and molded and shaped. In the waiting spaces, we can lean into Jesus and let Him be our rest.

And when we believe God, it pleases Him. Just like when your children believe and trust in you, you feel moved by their trust. They have a childlike faith that believes in the care that mommy and daddy will be there for them and will do what they say they will do. That childlike faith moves the heart of God. It touches His heart. When Abram believed God, God credited it to him as righteousness. Meaning even before Jesus, Abram was found righteous because of his belief in the promise of God’s Word. His faith made him righteous. His mess ups and mishaps and mistakes were replaced with righteousness. And righteousness came by faith and trust in God.

And there is more to Abram’s story! So much more!!! But for today, we can lean into the dialogue and conversations between Abram and God and know that God desires the same relationship with us. A living, breathing, relationship where we talk with God and walk with God and trust Him even in the waiting.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Strengthen our ears to hear You. Help us to have childlike faith even in the waiting spaces. Lord, draw near to us and keep us in conversation with You. In Jesus’s name, Amen

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