How can I help my child walk in truth at any age?

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh start. It’s a little late today, but I am personally working through giving myself grace for real life to happen while still keeping up with my committment to blog and share.

Writing is so healing for me. As I write, especially about truths I am reading in the bible, I find myself making connections and learning new things I may have missed if I didn’t dig in through writing. Thank you for being on that journey with me and reading my personal stories and thoughts as I share each day.

There is something I want to share today that is so strong in my Spirit. I feel like today’s post will only scratch the surface of the work to be done as we seek Jesus and walk in His truth. So this is not the only weapon to use to wage warfare and walk in truth, BUT it is a very powerful one! And if you’ve been hanging around the blog awhile, you may already know where I am going….. one of our most powerful weapons is our tongue.

There is liteally life and death in the tongue.

You are powerful and entrusted by God to use one of your most powerful weapons to bring heaven to earth through the words that you speak.

The words you speak over yourself are powerful and can begin to shift and change things in and around you. I have written extensively about I ams and the importance of speaking truth and scripture over yourself with your tongue. And that same power that we have to either build our own spirit up or tear it down can be used to build up or tear down others.

You are in charge of a mighty weapon! Your tongue can bring about healing to someone, strengthen a weary spirit, remind someone who they are, lift up someone’s head and help them to see new light. Your tongue can breathe on the embers of hope and make it catch a flame and burn again. Your tongue can create a space for a child or an adult to move ahead into their victory.

Your tongue can destroy lies of the enemy. Your tongue can break down the forces of evil. Your tongue can remove seeds of lies. Your tongue is POWERFUL!!!!

When your child is having a tough day and they come home and share with you that a friend called them a hurtful name or said something painful, you have the power to break the lie right then and there. You can look them in the eye and speak TRUTH. “No darling you are most certainly NOT ugly, stupid, bad at math, too big, too small, too slow, etc. This list goes ON and ON all of the garbage and lies that can be spoken into and over our children.

Without someone to rebuke the lie and speak truth, our children will silently agree with the lies. We have to speak up and speak up often.

My daughter/ my son, let me remind who you are and whose you are.

You are fearfully and wonderfully made. You are a masterpiece. You are talented and beautiful. You are unique and purposed by the living God for great things. Your every feature is beautiful. You were not created to fit into the standard of beauty set by mere humans. You were created and adorned for royalty! You are the daughter/son of the King of ALL Kings. He chose you. He named you. He crafted and formed you. And you are HIS. Your daddy is KING!

Friends, this is SERIOUS business. These are not words to make them feel better. These words are the truth of who they are! These words will set them free to embrace their God given design, and empower them to run into their God given destiny.

And may I be bold?! If you don’t believe them for yourself, your child won’t believe them either. You have to believe it in your core that they are TRUE about you in order to break the lies completely off your children.

So, speak truth out loud over yourself and your children until the whole family is SO grounded in the truth that NO lie of the world can move them.

If you don’t have children, you can speak these truths to family members, close friends, and of course the same is true about you. You have to speak them to yourself until it is your truth.

The world is filled with lies and if you do not fill your mind and your children’s mind with all that you ARE in Christ, then the enemy will be right there to scream loudly in your ear all that you all that you are NOT. And his words are filled with half truths and untruths.

His lies will come from your children’s friends, their teachers, other adults in your family, and/or even their test scores. The lies are sneaky and they come from report cards and even well meaning friends and family. Your child’s value and worth is NOT in their grades, their school performance, their behavior, or any other external thing they can do or they cannot do.

Your child’s VALUE is not earned. It just IS.

Just as much as they are human and they cannot earn the status of being human, they cannot earn their value. They already are called a masterpiece, a treasure, purposed by God. We have to separate value from performance. And we do it with the words we speak.

When my kids misbehave, I tell them they are good, and their choice was bad.

When they tell me, “Mommy, I was a bad boy today.” I rebuke that lie with, “No honey. God made you. You are not bad. God doesn’t make bad things. You made some bad choices. We have conseqences when we choose to do wrong things, but you darling, ARE GOOD. You are a good boy created by God on purpose for a purpose!”

Your tongue is a weapon! Use it to speak life and truth. Do not keep your weapon in its sheath. It has no power until you draw it and exercise it.

The more you speak truth, the more you will walk in truth. The words may be hard at first. You may feel silly. Your kids may look at you funny. Don’t stop! This is power. This is truth. This will fight against the darkness. Keep speaking truth. Keep speaking life.

You can even speak truth over yourself and your child at the same time! Try saying this to your child:

I am the child of the living God and so are you!

I am a masterpiece and so are you!

I am fearfully and and wonderfully made by the same Lord who designed the whole universe, and so are you.

I am here on purpose for a purpose, and so are you.

I have a God given destiny, and so do you.

I have gifts and talents that make me special and unique, and so do you.

God has GREAT plans for me and God has GREAT plans for you too!

We are walking hand in hand with the Lord.

This is a spiritual battlefield of the mind. Pick up your weapons and walk in the truth with your children. It is just as vital as all of the other good things you do for them, if not more so. These are eternal truths. They will last beyond the things of the earth.

Dear Heavenly Father,

What You say about us is true. What the world says must be aligned to Your word or it is false. Everything we hear will pass through Your filter. Lord, help us to walk in truth so that our children will also walk in truth. Lord, help us to win this battle every day!

In Jesus’s name, Amen.

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