Are you in need of something today?

When you are running low on strength, He can be your strong tower

When you feel the sands shift beneath your feet, He can be your rock

When you feel the winds blow and the storm rise, He can speak to the sea

When you feel the worry begin to take over your mind, He can provide the peace

When you feel broken, He can make you whole

When you feel confused, He can be your clarity

When you feel parched, He can quench your thirst

When you feel hungry, He can be your bread

When you feel like you are sinking, He can be your Savior

When you feel lost, He can be the guiding shepherd

When you are questioning, He is the Answer

When you lack, He can be your provision

When you need anything, flee to the One who has it all!

Need some proof? Here are the scripture verses! God has got you and He is working on your behalf!


Vanessa Lynn

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