Access to Heaven’s Provision now? Yes!!

Good Morning Gorgeous,
It’s a brand new day. A fresh start. A new day to let God’s strength be your strength.

If you are rising today and you lack strength, lean into Him and let Him stand you up.

If you lack wisdom and need to know which way to turn, turn to Him first and let Him be the guide.

If you lack clarity and need to have the fog lifted, tell Him and let His breathe clear the confusion.

If you are feeling lonely, sit and pour your heart out to Him. Speak it out loud or journal to Him. Tell Him the hurts, the longing, the loneliness. Let Him meet you in the valley of loneliness and He will be your friend, your Father, your confidant.

If you are sad or overwhelmed by your feelings, turn to Him. Let Him hold your hand and show you where to turn for help. Praise Him with worship music and as you sing, let His joy flood in.

If you need a door to open, a door to close, an opportunity to appear or one to be removed, let Him be the one who opens and shuts the doors. Just ask Him and He will faithfully do it.
Friends, we have not because we ask not. When we get desperate and we turn to God and really trust Him, He is faithful. When we turn to Him and pray with sincere hearts, He moves. When we recognize Him as the answer and we lean into and depend on Him. He floods us with a peace, the world shakes their head at. Its supernatural to be able to have the peace and joy of Jesus even through difficulties and tragedies on earth.
Yet we can have peace and joy through the storm, because we have access to our divine inheritance while on earth. We can access the throneroom of Jesus, not as subjects of a kingdom, BUT as heirs to the throne!
Speak that I am statement today!

I am an heir to the throne with Christ Jesus. I have access to the Father and the inheritance of Heavenly things now.

Jesus even said it in the Lord’s Prayer,
Let it be on earth as it is in heaven.
We can have portions of the peace, joy, and love that come from heaven right now.

How? Time with Jesus. Leaning into the promises, praying to Him with sincerity and asking for everything you need. Don’t feel close to Jesus? Tell Him that too! Jesus, I don’t feel close to You. Help me. Draw me in. Reveal Yourself to me in a fresh new way.

You see every single worry, fear, doubt, and need can be spoken to Jesus. He will meet you with peace and provision.

Dear Heavenly Father,
Thank You for your goodness. Thank You for Jesus so that we can have access to You through prayer and worship. Thank You that we can come to You and You will draw near to us. Thank You for Heavenly doses of peace today. In Jesus’s name, Amen.

Vanessa Lynn

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