Hardwired for God’s Love

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a beautiful, brand new day. A fresh start. A new day to rise unto God and Thank Him for His love. He is so marvelous and wonderful. He is working right now behind the scenes to reveal His love to you.

He desires each of us to know and experience His love. He created us to be in connection and communion with Him. We are hardwired to be connected to our Power Source which is God’s love.

The electricity in your house is running and available, but unless you deliberately and decisively walk over and plug an item into it, it won’t work. Items that run on electricity have to be plugged into the power source.

People who were designed to be in connection and relationship with a living, active God, must get connected to Him and receive His power source.

When we live disconnected, we seek power everywhere else. The desire for God is there woven right into each human. And when we are living together with Him in worship, daily conversations, and His Word, we are plugging ourselves into the Power Source for our soul.

When we live apart from God, the desire for God still exists. The longing, the loneliness, the insatiable desire for more, it’s all a desire to be connected to our Maker, our Lord, our Father.

And because of Jesus, we can boldly and assuredly come to God and receive His Love, His Power, His Healing, His strengthening, and every other good thing He has for us.

And there are days when we feel closer to God than others. On the days when you feel far from God, just tell Him. He is a close, personal involved God. When you say, “I need You today. I feel far from You. Draw me back in to You Father.” He will!

He says we have not because we ask not. Need to feel closer to God? Ask!

Dear Heavenly Father,

Keep showing us Your love revealed in ways that we can recognize that it’s You pursuing us. Lord, help us to live in close relationship to You and recognize the beautiful gift that we have in being able to walk in step with You each day.

In Jesus’s name, Amen.

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