God’s Tabernacle is you!

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh start. A new dawn to begin again! I love mornings not because I am necessarily a morning person, because honestly I have struggled my whole life with getting up early. It’s not my natural rhythm. My wiring is for productivity at night, yet the Lord has been so good and so gracious to me to teach me how to rise unto Him each morning. He has been patient when I miss a morning as I shared about yesterday.

The beautiful thing about mornings, the reason I love them so much is the significance of a new chance. The significance of the sun rising afresh and faithfully each day. The bathing of the day in new light that chases away all evidence of darkness. God is so goooood! He gives us this beautiful gift each day to be renewed and walk in fresh hope. We can win the battle day by day. Each day stands alone. You may have fallen flat on your face yesterday, but today you will rise and the mercy is brand new.

I want to share today how immensely valuable you are. How intricately and carefully you were designed, and what that has to do with the dwelling place of the living God.

In the Old Testament, Moses and the Israelites are free from slavery, but they are living nomadically. They are traveling from place to place at the prompting and guiding of the Lord. Moses received explicit instructions from God to build a moving tabernacle. A portable temple that could be picked up and moved when the Israelites moved.

The tabernacle was to be made to specific instructions and made with the finest of materials.

When God gave the instructions, He went into fine detail. Fine, fine detail. He gave exact measurements. He gave what material each piece was to be fashioned from. He gave specific details for the adorning pieces and the practical pieces. He told them how to set it up and how to move it. It had several sections and parts. It was a transportable church. Not just any temple though, the temple of the Living God. Here are some highlights of the design. If you want to read more, Exodus has several chapters dedicated to the design of the tabernacle. I wanted to share the detail of design. God is totally into details!

Friends, look at these details!

He was going to dwell there in the holy of Holies. His Presence would be in the temple. And this temple was so valuable that many things were covered in pure gold, silver, or bronze. Over 1 TON of gold was used in the creation of this portable temple.

One TON of gold. Can you imagine? And it was there in the Holy of Holies where the Presence of God resided. He was behind a curtain and only the high priest could enter once a year after becoming ceremonially clean and having sacrificed an offering.

This temple was a gift to the Israelites because it provided a place to meet with God. Even though, He was behind a veil and people could not directly access Him. There were mediators like the high priest and Moses who could speak with God and bring messages to the people.

Later, a more permanent structure was build that was very much in design like this temple and functioned in similar ways.

But THEN one dark day, the ultimate sacrifice. The sinless lamb became the atonement. He bore our sins and was crucified and when the Lord Jesus cried out, “It is finished.” The curtain in the temple that covered the Holy of Holies tore from top to bottom. The veil was torn!

God no longer was separate from His people. Now the mediator Jesus Christ has made a way for US to be the actual temple of God. No longer separate, no longer dependent on a priest to speak to God on our behalf, no longer on the outside of the veil! Then the Lord changes EVERYTHING. Instead of residing behind a veil, He takes up residence inside of US! And if He went through all of the details of designing the Holy temple where He would reside, how much more detail went into the design of humans who now host His Presence. You are God’s own design!

We are the very temples of the Holy Spirit. How precious and valuable are we! If God designed the portable and then the building temples to be so detailed with gold, silver, bronze, beautiful linens, every detail accounted for and THEN He made YOU His temple instead!

You are more precious than over a ton of Gold. You are more precious than the statues and intricate Holy pieces. You are marked and sealed and set apart into God when you accept Jesus. He becomes the mediator and not just once a year!

A continual mediator so that you can house the Holy Spirit and be a walking, talking temple of the Lord.

Dear Heavenly Father,

This is mind blowing almost that You would choose us to be Your walking, breathing sanctuary. Yet that’s what Your Word says! We will accept Your words as truth over our lives. Help us to understand the beauty and majesty of this truth so that we can walk in the earth as anointed ones carrying Your Presence. In Jesus’s name, Amen.