Don’t take the train!

Good Afternoon my Gorgeous Friends in Christ!

I pray that today has been off to a good start. If there have been bumps, I pray that you felt Jesus there navigating them alongside of you.

I haven’t written a post in two days. When I woke up this morning, I was frustrated at missing my morning time to write. I could feel the lies of the enemy attack. He knows exactly what to say at just the weakest moments to get my head drowning in lies. Sometimes he succeeds at getting me to board the train of thoughts to self doubt and on dark days even to the station of self loathing.

Something is different now than before. I know his tactics. I know his lies. I know his sneaky attempts to prey on my fears. And I didn’t get to know this by spending time listening to his lies. The longer I listened the less I could recognize the lies as lies. They seemed to be pretty accurate. I got to know the lies of the enemy were IN FACT lies by stepping out of the darkness and into the light of truth of what God said about me.

The more time I spend grounded in the truth of what Jesus says about me, the clearer and more visible the lies of the enemy appear as just that: lies!

So this morning, I woke up well after devotional and writing time had passed. My stomach ached. I have come to cherish that morning time with Jesus and by writing I process His words to me. I felt sad and wanted to turn back the clock one hour. Normal feelings when one misses something important to them….. then the lies flooded!

They were ugly lies. They attacked me personally and hit me where it would hurt.

Deep personal attacks, and I almost boarded the train..almost.

Instead, I opened my bible app. I read the chapters in my reading plan. I prayed hard through my whole morning routine. I praised God. I turned Alexa on to Praise and Worship music. I asked God what He had to say. And His answer was the complete OPPOSITE of the accusations the enemy had spewed at me just a little while earlier.

God impressed upon me that I was doing exactly what I was supposed to be doing. He reminded me that I don’t have to produce to be loved. He reminded me that I am called. I am worthy. I am moving in the direction He has called me, and my value is not based on what I do or whether I miss an early morning devotional. My value is found in Him alone. I am valuable because He has fashioned and formed me. I have a beautiful post on my heart to share tomorrow! It is about the treasure you are as the very temple of the Lord!!

I am rejuvenated, reignited, and excited to move ahead. Gods truth trumps the enemy’s lies everytime!

Dear Heavenly Father,

Please speak into the spirit of the women and men who read this. Break the lies of the enemy off of them. Pull the lies of shame and not enough out by the root. Let Your supernatural truths be the foundation that we hold onto to and anchor ourselves to. In Jesus’s name, Amen.

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