One Tiny Cloud is All You Need

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh new start. Today can be different from yesterday. Today can be the day you dig your heels in and pray again for the very thing that you dismissed wasn’t going to happen. Today can be the day you rise up, and pray like your prayers have the power to move and shift what’s happening in you and around you.

There are several stories in the bible of people praying more than once before breakthrough. The ones that end in victory are the ones where the prayers and the actions continued in faith UNTIL the people saw the miracle manifest.

Imagine a drought. No water. The situation is getting desperate. The prophet sends you to the ocean to look for signs of rain. He is a man of God. You have seen the Lord work through him. You expectantly race to the ocean. You see nothing, nada, no sign of rain.

Did you hear him wrong? Did he ask you to check the river? You return to the man of God with the bad news and instead of being angry, he sends you to look again.

You run back. You are sure this will be the time you see rain. This will be the breakthrough. This will be the moment this nightmare of being without water will end. You get there, and you expect to see a move of God. Again nothing. No sign. You come face to face with dry, dry air and no signs of the drought ending are in sight.

You return to give your report, and you are sent out AGAIN! This cycle repeats seven times! Seven times, the prophet of the Lord sends you back. By the seventh time you go, but you are weak and you are filled with doubt. You can’t imagine this time shall be any different. You are starting to feel ridiculous running out here time and time again thinking it will be different. Each time is the same. Each time there is no rain, and no sign of rain. Your heart is weary. Your mind is worried for the future if the drought continues. You can’t imagine that this time will be any different.

Then, off in the distance, you see a cloud. A minuscule cloud in the vast sky. It is the size of a man’s hand. It couldn’t possibly bring relief. It is something. You run back to tell the prophet Elijah, and he takes you at your word! He begins to speak as if the rain is already pouring. He tells Ahab to hurry and go before the rain stops him! Elijah begins to move as if this one tiny cloud is going to send torrential rain. “Hurry up move! The rain is coming!” He keeps saying that and you are not even sure now if the cloud was real. It was so small.

Just as you question yourself, the rain pours down in sheets! The first rain in a long time! The answer to a million prayers, seven expectant trips to the ocean, and the faith after one tiny cloud appeared.

The BREAKTHROUGH came after persistent prayer and movement like the prayer was already answered.

Your prayers are heard and they make things shift and move that you cannot see. When you pray, mountains move, clouds appear, people are healed, provision comes, and needs are met!

Just because you haven’t seen a single sign of what you’ve been praying for, keeeeeeeep praying! Don’t give up right before your breakthrough. What if Elijah had given up after the 4th or 5th or even the 6th time? The people would have perished.

Pray and pray hard friends. Be persistent. Pray like your breakthrough depends on it!

Dear Heavenly Father,

Strengthen us to keep praying. Renew our hope again and blow fresh wind on our faith. Let us pray and watch expectantly for breakthrough. In Jesus’s name, Amen.

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