Honoring Student Authors

Good Morning to all of my Gorgeous Friends!

Today is our local, Lee County Reading Festival!

Part of the festival is the honoring of local student writers. Each year we hold a contest for all K to 12 students who live in Lee County.

There are three categories: fiction, personal memoir, and poetry. Students from kindergarten through high school send in their creative writing pieces. The writings are then read and enjoyed by Lee County teachers and community members.

They are judged anonymously by several judges using a rubric. Then, winners are invited to be honored at an awards ceremony that takes place at the local reading festival.

Today, we are honoring almost 120 student writers for sharing their creative stories and poetry.

We all have stories inside of us, and I am so blessed to have a small part in helping students find their writing voice.

In addition to passing out awards today, my own personal students also participated in the contest. Three of my students will be receiving an award today.

A few months ago, I gave my students an afternoon to sit around the classroom in any posture that was comfortable for them. We brainstormed creative topics for fiction, and we also talked about personal experiences that would make good memoir topics. They grabbed their chromebooks and stories poured out of their little hearts.

Our kids have stories to tell! They just need room and space to tell them.

Happy Saturday to each of you! I pray you spend it doing something that excites and rejuvenates your soul!!


Vanessa Lynn