Be Still, the Lord is Fighting for you.

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I know I normally write in the morning, but everything feels topsy turvy, upside down, and inside out. So far my kiddos seem mostly oblivious to the chaos happening beyond the safety of our home. You all are on my heart again this evening. I wanted to encourage you to lean into the Lord to fight this battle. We have been called to stillness, social distancing, and resting in our homes. Even though your mind may race at times, remember this battle is not yours alone. You can do your part whatever that looks like. Some of you are in the medical field and are battling daily. Others are teachers and prepping to step into brand new waters. My husband is a postal carrier and has to be out in the community every day. I am staying home trying to keep our days feeling normal. Next week, I will begin training for virtual teaching as well as figuring out how to teach my five kiddos too. This battle looks different for each of us. Remember as you are quarantined at home, “The Lord will fight for you. You need only be still.” I pray that you are able to rest in Him and trust that whether you are heading to work daily or staying home, you are trusting that He is in the battlefield waging war on your behalf. He has your health, your provision, and your family in His Hands. He is holding you close. Lean into Him, hand over the weapons, and be still. He has got you my Gorgeous friends. He has you. Rest in His care.

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  1. This is so beautifully expressed. I might, however, suggest one tiny word revision. Maybe the Lord overcomes fear and hatred, not so much by “fighting”, but by endless forgiving. No force of fear or hatred can outlast a constant barrage of forgiving, shining love. The Lord has stamina when it comes to love and will accept nothing less. Nothing in the end can withstand this intense love. Blessings to you.

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