Bread and Water from Heaven

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh start. The birds are beginning to sing outside of my bedroom window, one of my twins is watching tv, and the first slivers of light are breaking forth. It’s a new day. A new dawn. A new opportunity to react in fresh new ways to the world around us.

I know things shifted quickly and almost without warning. We heard of this novel virus, but who knew it would affect just about everything? Was anyone planning to see schools close, markets shorten their hours, beaches close, and the one that has me grieving the most is our church is now online only for the next two weeks. I think we all have that one place that we held in our minds like “If they close, this must be serious.” For my husband it was the beach. He doesn’t even really like the beach all that much, but when they made the announcement yesterday that beaches were closing, it really hit him.

For me it was the public gathering of our church family. We still had service last week. Our church took many precautions and still held two services in our building. But this week, they are streaming services live instead. News of this change was my moment when it hit me. Things are shifting and changing, and almost every aspect of our lives have been impacted.

Through it all, through every news update, through each uncertain moment, Jesus is there offering to fill you with the bread of life. He can give to you a double portion of all you’ve lost. He can meet you in the moments of grief and fear, and give you peace and comfort. He has exactly what you need. He has bread that will leave you feeling complete and satisfied. He has the living water that will quench your thirst when this whole traumatic pandemic has left your throat dry and your body parched.

Some time with Jesus, time talking to Him, time listening to praise and worship music, time reading His Word will do wonders for your perspective and your soul.

And the thing about time with Jesus that He has put on my heart is that it is similar to Manna, the bread of Heaven.

It has to be consumed daily. It can’t be stored up and then neglected for days, because then I am hungry and parched again.

Jesus promised that He had the living water and that those who drank from it would never thirst again.

We have to drink and keep drinking from the well that Jesus has poured inside of us.

We have to feast on His Word and keep feasting.

Each day mercies are brand new. Each day, He is there ready to give Himself to us. His bread and His water.

The kind that you don’t have to ration. The kind that you won’t find in any supermarket. The kind that you can access even during quarantine. The kind that will make you feel alive and well even when the whole world feels like its crumbling. Jesus has exactly what you need and it’s simply found in seeking Him daily.

Here I am Lord. Show me Your ways. Speak to my weary and worried heart. Settle my fears. Fill me to overflow with Your Word over my life. Open my eyes to someone to share it with. Lord, let Your light shine on me and through me so that even in the darkest hour, people can see You in me.

Manna was interesting because it literally fell from heaven daily when the Israelites were in the desert. The bible called it the bread of heaven that the angels ate. The Israelites gathered it each morning. They couldn’t store it up except for the day before Sabbath. And there was always enough for each day.

Jesus came and declared Himself the bread of life from Heaven! He is your daily bread. He is your daily manna. He is meant to be consumed each day to sustain you spiritually.

Another amazing phenomenon occurred in the wilderness! Moses hit a rock and water gushed out. The Lord fulfilled all their needs even when they were surrounded by wilderness. There was no provision to be found except for what the Lord supplied and He always what they needed!

Fast foreward to the New Testament and we see Jesus called the Rock! He also says that He is the living water! He even says that He was there with Moses in the wilderness.

What this means for us is that He has EVERY single need of yours already provided for. He has your physical, financial, emotional, and spiritual needs all covered. Seek Him wholeheartedly and He promises that you will find Him. He will fill you to overflow.

Would you be willing to take Him at His Word today? Spend some time in His Presence and let Him give you the bread and drink of life that can sustain you all day.

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