Standing in Faith to Battle Fear

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh start. A new sunrise. I missed the sunrise this morning. I slept until 7:24am. That is pretty rare here, and honestly it felt great. Usually sleeping in is accompanied by guilt, but not today. I just feel rested. I am happy about that feeling because it means that I may be finally breaking up with some old lies that I have to be productive to be loved or worthy or accepted. God is good and He is working on me. He has never given up on my growth no matter how slow or even in seasons where I think I may have stepped backwards a bit.

He stays faithful even when I am faithless.

He stays moving even when I am still.

He stays in control even when I pridefully try to take the wheel.

He stays steady even when I teeter totter.

He stays pouring out love even when I don’t deserve it.

He stays pursuing me even when I run the other way.

He stays through every storm no matter how high the winds.

He stays when I am at my strongest and when I am at my weakest.

He stays when I am productive and when I am at rest.

He stays through every bad decision I make and He stays to give me wisdom to try again.

He stays through it all. He stays active, at work, speaking to me, and loving me always.

Friends, He stays right by your side at ALL times. He is with you and your family during this time. He is strengthening you and filling you. He is calling you into deeper faith and trust in Him. He is for you and on your side. He is battling on your behalf, and He will never stop fighting for you.

I tried something new this morning. I created a playlist on YouTube. I added 12 songs to strengthen your faith and mine.

I pray that as you listen, Holy Spirit speaks to your heart, calms your spirit, and imparts fresh wisdom into you.

Happy Saturday my Gorgeous Friends!!!!



Vanessa Lynn

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