More Mining for Treasure: Gratitude even through Struggle

Good Morning Gorgeous,It’s a brand new day. A fresh new start. This day stands alone. It is not yesterday. It is not tomorrow. It truly is a beautiful gift to savor and unwrap in each moment.

Yesterday was haaaard in my house. I am a teacher as well as a mommy of five. We go to school each day, and I invest time and love into my students at school while people I trust, my colleagues, invest their time, talents, and love into my own children.Each day there are trusted people who invest in my kiddos while I invest in the lives of my students who I believe God has assigned to me for a season.

I love and completely cherish both of my worlds. I love being home with my kids. I love playing and swimming and heading out for adventures. I love watching them learn. I love snuggles and reading with them. I love being momma. Summer breaks are really glorious around here! We have 2 months of just being close and spending time together.

This. Is. Not. Summer. Break. I love and cherish my other world. My world outside of the home that brings me into relationship with students who need me to invest in their learning, their lives, and their growth. I have amazing teachers that I get the opportunity to partner with and teach alongside. And my kids go to school where I teach, so they are never too far away from me.

This season during Covid 19, my two worlds have blended into one. I am home with my kiddos and I LOVE that, but at the same time, I’m also wearing the hat of their teacher. Okay, I could do that. And I jumped right in. I converted a corner of our dining room into our school. Its complete with a reading chart, bookshelf filled with supplies, workbooks, and a reading area with beach chairs, pillows, and a rug.

Okay so now I wear mommy hat and teacher hat for my kids. These two hats aren’t too much of a stretch.

Except for…. I am ALSO virtually teaching my kids at school. This is the ultimate collision of all of my hats right into one. They are all on my head at the SAME time. No longer am I afforded the luxury of switching between roles throughout the day. Instead I am editing my students’ stories online while also breaking up arguments, pausing to make lunch, laying the baby down for a nap that she is protesting against, and so on.

The struggle has been real. I made a schedule. We are sticking to it. Each kiddo has a schedule. I have a schedule. And we have routines, expectations, and built in breaks for play. Monday through Wednesday were excellent. The lesson plans for school were coming together. The kids were pretty well behaved, and then Thursday hit. I don’t know what happened, but it was a train wreck that I couldn’t stop.

I share all of this just to give you a glimpse into my current struggle.

Your struggle may look nothing like mine.

Yours could be reporting to a high risk job.

Yours could be a job loss.

Yours could be a relationship struggle.

It could be loneliness or fear.

Your struggle could be anything.

We don’t have to share the SAME struggles for us to connect and lean into the SAME truths that will save us.

God’s grace is for all who call on Him.

If you need provision, His Hands are held open.

If you need patience, He is ready to spring up a new well.

If you need healing emotionally or physically, He is the mighty physician.

If you need peace, He is your comforter.

If you need rest, He will help you to lie down in green pastures.

So even though yesterday was a struggle, today we are gifted with a new sunrise.

Today is a new chance for me to learn a new normal. It’s a new day for me to take my advice from yesterday and mine for the silver lining!

Sometimes what I write in the morning is God’s provision for me later. And yesterday I wrote about finding the beauty in the struggle. And there IS SO MUCH BEAUTY to be found even on hard days.

Instead of focusing on how hard this task set before me and many other working mommas who find themselves juggling all of their hats at once, I can shift my perspective to gratitude.

My family is safe, and we are all together. We have this gift of technology that allows us to stay connected to our classmates, teachers, and my students.

We are able to continue connecting and learning from the safety and security of our homes.I am so grateful for the opportunity to work from home even in uncertain times.

There is comfort in continuing to work and have the connection to my students and colleagues.

So today stands alone and I am starting the day in gratitude.

Thank you Lord for my children safe and sound.

Thank you Lord for my students and the joy they bring.

Thank you Lord for the gift of time that was in short supply that now is more accessible than ever.

Thank you Lord for meeting all of our needs!

Thank you Lord for who You Are, how You Move, for Your blessings and Your gift of peace.

Friends, every day stands alone! Today rise in gratitude. Mine for the treasures and Thank God for what He has done for you. If you are home, thank Him for your safety. If you are working, thank Him for your way to provide for your family. And be ready to encourage someone today.

Each of our struggles may look completely different, but putting our eyes back on Jesus and His goodness will keep you grounded in truth and peace.

God’s provision is for you. He can supply every need. Thank Him for the treasures and let Him know what your needs are today. He already knows, but He loves to talk with you!

Dear Heavenly Father,

I pray for a deep well of strength. I pray for Holy Spirit wisdom to do and say the things that You are calling me to today. I ask for eyes to see the beauty in the day.In Jesus’s name, Amen.

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