Keep your Truth Lenses on!

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh start. A new day to rise and move ahead in victory.

A new day to put on your Kingdom Perspective and see the world around you from the secure footing of truth.

We are being bombarded with media reports of doom and gloom.

We are reminded every day that things are not as they are supposed to be.

And you don’t even have to turn on media to know something isn’t right…. schools are closed, many businesses are closed, and routines that were woven into our daily lives have been turned upside down, inside out, or pulled out from under us altogether.

And when all that is around us seems in chaos, we have a choice to make.

It’s a this or that or you could even think of it as a “Would you rather question..” My kids love to ask me would you rather questions where both choices are equally awful. Would you rather eat throw up or drink blood? Would you rather be alone on a deserted island or surrounded by people who drive you crazy? Etc… They enjoy posing these questions over dinner when you have a mouthful of food.

And so you go with the lesser of two really bad choices, and sometimes what I think would be less uncomfortable is different than what they think. So that starts some really interesting discussions around the table.

However, in the choice between would you rather be moved by the uncertainty of this world or would you rather be securely tethered to Christ and grounded in His Word, there is one obvious choice that is so much better and believers would choose Christ when put to us so bluntly.

Here are the two choices put another way…

Will we partner with the chaos and allow ourselves to also be moved to chaos internally?


Will we partner with truth of God’s Word and be securely anchored to the rock that cannot be moved?

But what we say would be our choice and then what we actually do throughout the day can look totally different.

We have two choices to make and we may have to make the choice daily, hourly, possibly even moment by moment. We may have to choose again and again all day long to stay in truth so that our peace stays intact.

I wear glasses to correct my vision. Without my glasses or contacts, I cannot see. Like really CANNOT see. Without corrective lenses, I cannot move much around my house. I can go from my bed to the bathroom, but not much else because my vision makes everything very blurry. I can somewhat get around my house if I absolutely had to, but I can’t drive, cook, watch tv, or do much of anything without my glasses. They bring everything back into focus and clarity, so that I can see well and move successfully through my day.

I have been mulling this idea around in my spirit for a few weeks. How effectively could I go through my day if I kept removing my glasses or taking out my contacts over and over?? With them on, all is clear. When I take them off, everything goes blurry and it makes it hard for me to move. Can you imagine me removing them over and over again all day? Someone would probably say to me, “Just leave them on!”

We can imagine the truth of God’s Word to be similar. We can choose to look at the chaos around us through the “corrective lenses” of the truth of God’s Word or through the uncertainty of the day.

And so how do we stay grounded in truth and stay in total peace?

Keep your glasses on! Stop removing the truth from your eyes over and over as you partner with the news report or the phone call that disturbed you, or the doctor’s report, or the social media post that moved your peace.

Keep the truth on all day, every day! Look at the chaos from the perspective of heaven and you will see with clarity. You may not understand all that you see around you, but with God’s Truth lenses on you will be securely grounded on the rock so that you cannot be moved even when the whole world around you is swirling in chaos.

Remember what God says is the truth. Period. So if we partner with the truth, we cannot be shaken. We will be like Jesus sleeping in the boat during the storm that rocked his disciples.

So you can really see the choices that we are making each day, I’ll post them as “Would you rather questions.”

Would you rather view the times as a sign that the future is going to filled with doom and gloom OR trust what God promises in Jeremiah?

Would you rather believe that we serve a God who is punishing us through the current events of the day OR believe that He is drawing you in with His kindness?

Would you rather believe that God has forgotten all of your current needs OR trust that since He cares for the birds and He has numbered every single hair on your head that He will care for you and your every need even more so?

Would you rather believe that you are alone in this world OR trust that God is guarding you in your every move?

Would you rather believe that you are open to the elements of the storm OR rest assured that you are under His wings?

Would you rather believe that you walk alone OR be in faith that God is walking right beside you?

Would you rather battle alone with your own devices OR stay calm as the Lord battles on your behalf?

Would you rather carry your burdens tirelessly OR hand them to Jesus and take a rest?

And we could go on and on together!

And trust me this is a battle that I face again and again. I think that’s why God put it on my heart. He is saying just as I keep my glasses on for physical sight, I need to keep my truth glasses on for spiritual sight!

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You for the truth of Your Word available for us to stand on. Help us to return to Your truth again and again. Ultimately we pray to keep our truth lenses on. That Your truth would interweave itself into our bones and our core belief system so that we stay grounded at all times. In Jesus name, Amen.

2 thoughts on “Keep your Truth Lenses on!

  1. Amen. Wow, keeping the truth lens on.

    I have been having my struggles myself on having to let go of so many things I had planned and just go with His word for me. I feel calmer and relieved just letting go and allowing His truth – His word guide me instead. It’s sad how much we try to override His word in us when that is what we were made by. But knowing this truth, it will keep us going even when we face all sorts of uncertainties.

    Thanks for sharing!. #keeping my truth lens on. Seeing through His lens for me. 🙌

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