A Prayer on my Heart: Handing it all over to Him

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh start. I woke up and felt the urge to pray and just give God EVERYTHING afresh. I felt the desire to hand it all over to Him. It has taken me a long time to be secure enough to give Him absolutely everything. I have prayed prayers similar to this one for a few years now. When I began praying this way my heart would pound in my ears, my skin would get clammy, and the words would be hard to say.

Releasing all control over our life is frightening, but when we release it to the Creator and Sustainer of all things, POWER is released. Grace is generously given to do things that we have been designed to do by the Lord.

We are given Power to live in a way totally counter to this world, but completely aligned to the ways of the Kingdom of Heaven. When we release every blessing, every struggle, every part of our past, and every hope of our future to the Lord, we provide space for Him to come and amaze us with what He can do with a fully submitted heart.

He has given humans free will so that we can choose Him or we can choose to reject Him. And sometimes we choose Him in some areas and then reject Him in others. He will not force His way into places we have kept from Him. We see this in Revelation. He stands at the door and knocks waiting for us to open the door. I choose to open the door to Him in all areas. I choose to open every door He is knocking on! The door to my home, my family, my job, my finances. I’m opening every door to a good good Lord who stands patiently knocking to come in and reveal His goodness.

Dear Lord,

You are Holy.

You are sovereign.

You are Omni Present, everywhere at once AND in perfect control.

You are Lord, and I choose to serve You. I choose You again and again. In all things, I choose You. Through all things, I choose You. Despite all things, I choose You.

I give you everything in my life.

You can have every treasure. Every single part I hold dear. My family is Yours. My home and every body and everything in it. My children are all Yours. My marriage is Yours. My finances are all Yours. My job and every work of my hands. My gifts and talents that You have created in me. My time is all Yours. Lord, I can give you every single precious treasure because I fully and completely TRUST You. I trust that You know all things. You are able to see what I can’t You are able to do what I can’t. You are able to be where I can’t. You are God. I am not. I place my whole world into Your loving Hands, and I fully trust Your shaping, Your molding, Your alignment, and Your provision.

I give you every hurt. I hand over all pains, past traumas, and current struggles. I know that Your healing Hands are gentle. I know You are the only One who can FULLY and COMPLETELY heal and set me free. I know that You are the authentic source of healing and everything else is a counterfeit. I refuse to accept the numbing solutions of this world and instead choose to go after complete healing.

Please help me up open my tightly clenched palms and release unto You anything I am keeping from You. Any hurt I won’t let You touch, please take it.

Any treasure I won’t entrust to You out of fear, help me to faithfully hand it over to You.

Any part of me kept at a distance from Your light, come and shine bright that area of my heart or my life.

This is my prayer of total submission to You. This is my release of control over every single area of my life to You the One who is strong enough to carry it. The One who is able to protect it. The One who is able to heal and redeem it. The One who I wholeheartedly and fully believe has good plans for me.

You are the God of all Ages. You are the beginning and the end. You are my Lord, and I Trust You.

In Jesus’s name, Amen.

2 thoughts on “A Prayer on my Heart: Handing it all over to Him

  1. Amen. I love the prayer points you raised. And it’s true we do have a choice to make may we choose to let He who owns us and made us take care of us rather than letting ourselves be overwhelmed by it and struggling through it. 🙏

    P.S: I see the YouVersion image you mentioned. Nice!. I love the design.

    And it was great connecting with you yesterday. My regards to the cuties (children) and hubby ma’am.

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