Tea from Lemons?

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh start. A new day to rise and move with God leading the way.

When we learn to follow Him, He will clearly show us when to move ahead, when to turn, and when to be still.

There’s an old saying that when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Take the sour parts and find a way to turn them into something sweet. It’s predictable. It makes sense. Lemonade is made from lemons. Lemonade is sweet while lemons are sour, but with some added sugar, something delicious can come from the sour.

This morning as I was transitioning from sleep to waking, I thought of “tea from lemons”. It doesn’t make sense. It’s not predictable. And yet that’s what it feels like is happening in the world right now. We were handed lemons and to make lemonade would make sense. Did anyone ever expect to get a totally different outcome like tea?

Did anyone ever imagine a worldwide quarantine would keep us home for months?

Did anyone ever think that we could move almost every activity into our home? Work, school, dance classes, bible studies, staff meetings…. all without leaving home?

Did you ever imagine this very scenario?

I surely did not, and it made me realize how very unpredictable this world we live in really is.

This life and the way we move about daily is frail and can come unhinged at any time.

We have no assurance in the routines of life. We have no assurance in anything on earth. It is all completely temporary. To hold too tightly to a job, a routine, a recreation is all false security. These things are not solid rock. They are shifting sand. They are not bad things, but they are not permanent enough to build the foundation of life upon.

The only solid rock that will stand the test of time every time is Jesus.

He will never waver.

He will never leave you.

He will never stop battling for you.

He will never stop pursuing you.

He will never stop caring for you.

He will never be far from you.

He bends down to listen when you talk.

He has promised to prepare a good future for you.

He has promised to care for your needs and provide for you while you walk the earth.

He has promised to give you peace that will amaze you and settle your spirit. He has the ability to bring aligment and order into every area of your life as you press in and make Him King over your heart, your mind, your home, your family, your finances, everything.

When He is the foundation, you’ll be able to withstand any storm. You’ll be able to handle any weather. You won’t be moved even when your lemons turn to tea.

When the most unexpected, unpredictable thing that you never saw coming happens before your eyes, you can stand firm on Jesus..

When you see an outcome you never thought possible with the ingredients you had in place, flee to Jesus.

When we think we are in total control and we put in lemons and sugar, and out comes tea, we realize we never had control to begin with. That even when we are doing everything we thought we were “supposed” to with the ingredients we’ve been handed, sometimes the outcome is still shocking, unpredictable, and we feel out of control.

Friends, you were never designed to live in complete control of your lives.

We were designed to live in relationship with the Lord, partnering with Him to achieve our God given purpose for walking the earth.

That is counter cultural to the times we live in. Our culture teaches that you are in control of your life. You can do whatever you want. Pursue anything you want. Any dream you chase hard enough can be yours. Well being in total control of your own life sounds wonderful until you fall. It is a great plan until it doesn’t work out as you imagined.

And at some point in life, I believe we all come to the realization that we have very little control over anything in our life.

We only have control over ourselves and there are millions of external things completely out of our control including people. And all of the things out of our control are so plentiful that it can feel like we are out of control. And that feeling of being so out of control that we don’t know whether to go, stay, or turn. We can’t decide whether to laugh or cry. We don’t know whether to crawl in bed or get moving. That awful spinning out of control when we thought we had it all handled, is when Jesus can step in and speak order and peace right in the middle of any storm.

Jesus is not moved by quarantine or the current weather, and when you are a believer of Christ, you don’t have to be moved either.

In these moments of craziness, you have a rock to stand firmly on that will never give way below your feet. Ever. This rock of Jesus is going to be with you from this temporary earth right into eternity.

When you are in Christ, even death cannot harm you. So what have you to fear?

Tell Him every single worry today. Pour your heart out fully to a good God who will come near you and minister peace right into every need. Call on Him! Talk to Him. Cry on His shoulder. He is ready to place you on Solid Rock where you cannot be moved despite ANY earthly storm.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Help us to get ahold of Your Hand. Let us get our feet on the solid rock of Christ. Move us to solid ground Lord. Speak peace into the storms raging in our minds, our hearts, and around us. Show us how to relinquish control and just rest in You.

In Jesus’s name, Amen.

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