Praying for Tunnel Vision

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day! A fresh new start. A new day to stand up. Stand tall. Climb back on the Rock of Jesus. If you slipped, get back up and back on His Rock and His Word. He will NEVER forsake you.

My prayer to the Lord this morning is to claim every single thing He has planned and willed for my life.

I don’t want a single thing that isn’t part of what He planned for me when He was dreaming of me long before I was born.

I also don’t want to accept anything LESS than full victory, full power, full manifestation of His perfect will for my life.

Where He is calling, I pray for ears to hear and feet that obey the call.

Where He is leading, I pray for eyes to see and feet that follow Him..

Where He is working, I pray to partner with Him and carry out every assignment.

I pray to see what He wants me to see. I pray for tunnel vision eyes completely set on Him and the path that He wants me to walk on.

My beginnings in the earth were traumatic. Very traumatic. I’ve never told my full story. I am waiting for the day that God wills and tells me it’s time. What I can share for now is that it was dysfunctional, filled with evil warring against me, and an all out attack of the enemy against my family.

When I was seven, I witnessed an evil attack against my mother and as she cried out, “God save me!” I saw God move. I saw Him save her. I saw His Hand through the immediate response of a police officer who appeared at the very instant she cried out for God. Moments earlier that officer was not any where in sight. And after that event, everything in my life turned course.

My mom and I were plucked out of darkness and given a new life in Florida.

I have held that moment for a long time as an awful moment in my history, but now I see it through the eyes of heaven. It was a battlefield and God won!

He saved me from every fiery arrow. My life would not be what it is today had I stayed in California which is my home state.

The Lord said, “Not my daughter. You can’t have her. She’s chosen for the kingdom.”

Friends, I have no idea why God chose to redeem me in that way and in that moment. He may reveal it to me one day.

But as I grow closer to Him, I feel an urgency to share His hope and His love with others so they can experience the true freedom of salvation that He has to offer.

The chains can fall once and for anyone who calls out to God no matter what you’ve walked through, seen, done, or had done to you.

And after the chains fall, and you learn to walk free, the story has just begun.

God can take what seemed lost, and return it to you.

He can take what seemed broken beyond repair and make a mosaic that will reflect such beauty and magnificence that only the Lord could have made the transformation.

And then what is after that??…..

Well that is where I am today. The Lord has healed me, set me free, and breathed new life into me.

He has given me a voice and a fire in my soul to watch people come to know Him as the One who Saves, Heals, Redeems, and ultimately: The One Who Stays! I have endured so many losses, but the Lord has been the constant who stayed through it all.

And even though I feel strong because of Him, I know without a doubt that there is even more power available to me and to you than we are currently experiencing. How can I say something so bold about me and also about you even when I may not know you personally?

Because as we walk with God on this side of heaven, there is always more to learn about God and more of His power to manifest in our life. It’s a lifelong quest to be in relationship with God. As Beth Moore is explaining as I go through her bible study, “The Quest”, walking with God is more like a quest than a journey because there are uncertainties, questions, adventures and your quest with God has alot of unpredictable parts.

Yet the known parts of who God is and his immovable love for me, make the moving parts in my life tolerable.

A journey is predictable and more about the sights, a quest is about experiencing the elements firsthand and you go after something valuable and important. You are on an assignment in a quest.

And the assignment part brings me full circle back to my prayer this morning. I want to walk in the fullness of my Heavenly assignment. I desire to be fully and wholly on quest with God going after every heart He asks me to. Speaking hope, light, and His love into every darkness that I encounter. Battling against evil with heaven’s weapons. I want to take ground back that was once lost to the enemy. And I believe I will.

Not because of anything good in me or any strength of my own. I will be victorious because of God’s might and power working through my submitted life. The more I surrender, the more God’s power can work in me and through me.

My heart longs to see men and women be the first to break the chains of family dysfunction because of the power of Jesus. And from their freedom, every generation after them can walk free.

That is my testimony and I pray it is the testimony of many others too!

If you are facing any battle, any hopelessness, any struggle, or you are waiting on a promise from God to be fulfilled, keep trusting and keep praying and keep battling. AND….. these two worship songs are a MUST listen!

I started to create a new playlist this morning filled with songs about deliverance and hope, but instead felt the power of these 2 songs so strongly that I want to share them alone. Play these songs and allow the Presence of the Lord to fill you with hope and strength to keep battling!

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for what You do with a submitted life. We give you our all today. Move in ways only You can move. Empower us to walk free and fully into the places You’ve planned for us. We pray for strength to battle into FULL victory!

In Jesus’s name, Amen.

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