I Want to Sit at Your Feet

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day! A fresh new start! A new day to rise and learn to rest in Jesus. There are an abundance of blessings just waiting for you to take hold of them as you learn to sit at the feet of Jesus and drink from the cup that He is offering you.

I struggle with rest. Real rest, like quiet your mind rest and just be still rest. I am a mover and shaker. I thrive when my schedule is full, and I am on the go.

It has been a few years of God working on me and teaching me to learn to pause and rest in Him. I am still not good at this, but the Lord is calling me. There are blessings available from resting in His Presence. There is an intimacy with Jesus that can only be achieved by being still with Him. By learning to slow down and just listen to Him. I am learning to wait on Him, learning to be still and let Him pour into my soul peace, provision, wisdom.

Alot of my time with Jesus is me actually “doing”. Its me worshipping with praise and music, its reading my bible, me praying, and me writing.

Do you see the issue there? It all me talking, singing, reading, and writing. And it’s all good things that do draw me close to Jesus. Thank goodness He patiently breaks through and still talks to me and imparts things into my spirit even through my weakness of not being great at being still.

But I know that some of my closest moments with Jesus, I was seeking Him and listening for Him. I was waiting on Him. I was at His feet and letting Him have a turn to speak to my soul.

I believe Jesus has very intimate, very personal things to minister to each of us. When we practice coming before Him in a quiet place and just sitting at His feet, He has blessings and precious Words to write on our heart.

My daughter danced this weekend to the song, “The More I Seek You” by Kari Jobe. And the line that stuck out to me the most was, I wanna sit at Your feet. I wanna drink from the cup in Your Hand.

And sitting at the feet of our Lord is a powerful image. It doesn’t take any striving on our part except learning to sit and be still before Jesus. Sitting involves pausing and getting close. Sitting involves staying awhile. When we go into someone’s home and we sit, it signals staying a bit. When we refuse a seat, it means we won’t be long.

And the second part, drink from the cup in HIS Hand. How close you are to someone when you drink from a cup they are holding. When someone feeds you from their fork or holds out a cup for you to drink from, intimacy is shared. Trust is involved. There is a closeness in the symbolism of quenching another’s thirst.

Jesus told the woman at the well that He had water that would fill her so that she never would be thirsty again. He would completely quench her need for everything else by providing all she needed.

And He can do the very SAME for us. As we learn to sit and be still with Jesus, He will fill us with a living water that will quench our thirst and fill our soul.

My prayer today is to learn how to sit at the feet of Jesus and allow Him to give me a drink from the cup in His hand. He is offering it all, but I still have to leave to come and partake. There is an active role on our end to receive. He has the blessings and the cup in His outstretched Hand, but we must learn to come and drink!

Dear Heavenly Father,

Teach us to sit at Your feet. Teach us to be still and receive. Teach us to drink from the cup in Your Hand. Teach us Your ways Lord. Show us how to be still and seek Your beautiful face. Teach us to linger in Your Presence. Teach us to sit at Your feet and receive all You desire to give us. In Jesus’s name, Amen.

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  1. Oh Vanessa, I too have a hard time just being still. My mind always seems to be on my to- do list. Maybe I need to actually put “be still” & “drink from His cup” on my list. Thank you for sharing the video & pictures of your daughter. What a treasure.

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