Open Our Eyes Lord

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand brand new day. A fresh start. A new day to rise and perceive the world through kingdom senses. A new day to look at the events of the day with eyes from heaven.

We are getting a new puppy and the family has been sending me weekly puppy update. Our little guys eyes started to crack open last week, and then a few days later a little more, and then last night, I got a new pic. They are almost completely open! 🙂 And as long as he is healthy, he will never return to blindness again. Now that his eyes are open, his vision just keeps getting sharper and better every day!!!

Just opening a crack!
I thought this was fully opened.
Until, I got this pic last night. Eyes opened even more. 🙂

This made me think about believers and how our eyes are also in the process of being opened wider and wider to see more and more clearly!

And the Lord continues to open our spiritual eyes to deeper and more revelation as we seek Him. As we serve Jesus, He teaches us to see with greater and greater clarity. With each new level of vision, greater responsibility is given to the follower of Christ to act according to what He is revealing.

When we first turn to Jesus and repent of our sins and old ways, our eyes are opened to wrong ways of thinking and living and we are able to see clearly how destructive our old ways were to our soul and our lives.

As we walk with Him, He will continue to shape us and mold us by sharpening our senses to the ways and things of the kingdom.

As Jesus walked the earth, He so often taught of things greater than what could be seen with fleshly eyes. He spoke of a coming kingdom, and the disciples were ready for Jesus to overthrow the current government. They were seeing with their earthly eyes even though Jesus was trying to elevate their vision to things of the kingdom.

Jesus saw hurting people as He traveled with His disciples from town to town, and He had compassion on them. As He looked at all the hurting people, He saw them through “kingdom eyes”. He saw a great harvest ready to be harvested. He didn’t see the people as societal outcasts. He saw a beautiful harvest of souls, and He told His disciples that the harvest was plenty, but the workers were few.

Where others saw a problem, Jesus saw opportunity.

When others saw a sinner, Jesus saw an opportunity to give pardon.

When others saw an impure bleeding woman, Jesus saw a beloved daughter of God.

When others saw a Samaritan woman, Jesus saw someone worthy of revealing His identity to. He revealed who He was to her.

When others saw fishermen, Jesus saw men valuable and important and capable to join His mission.

When others saw children as a bother, Jesus saw pure, innocent hearts ready to receive Him.

When men crucified Him and mocked Him, He saw hurting and ignorant people in need of a Savior.

Jesus walked with His disciples continually elevating their vision to things of the kingdom. May He do the same to us. May we look at people and see children of the Living God.

When we see a homeless or hurting person, may we see an opportunity to share the love and generosity of Jesus.

When we see racial injustice, may we see an opportunity to demonstrate Jesus to a hurting world with empathy, compassion, and boldness to make changes that elevate people and align earth to heaven’s order.

When we see the chaos of this earth, may we begin to see a way to bring the order of the kingdom of heaven down “on earth as it is in heaven.”

And may we have spiritual eyes to see that we have Heavenly Armies on our side. When we pray in alignment to God’s will, armies MOOVE. And how do we know what is God’s will? God’s will is heaven’s order. So when you see anything counter to heaven, your spiritual eyes can perceive that as an opportunity to pray for restoration.

The world doesn’t look the same when you are living in close relationship with Jesus. People of all walks of life become precious and valuable to you. The pains of this world become prayers and groanings for a move of God. And, you see clearly that you are never
alone in the battlefield!

Dear Heavenly Father,

OPEN our eyes to see the things of the kingdom! Show up in a mighty way and reveal to us what we need to see so that we can partner with You and move an empowered believers and followers of Jesus Christ. Let us walk and see with Your eyes. Let us love others like You love them! Let us see with Kingdom vision, and then never walk the same because of what we see with our kingdom vision. Let us boldly make an impact on the earth. Let us see, truly see people and let us see that we have help from heaven to earth’s problems. In Jesus’s name, Amen.

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  1. Amen. This is so packed!.
    Amen. May our eyes be truly opened to all the goodness we have through Christ’ death and resurrection. And may we also see the good in others. 🙏

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