Lord, Open our Eyes to See that Help is already HERE!

Good Morning Gorgeous,
It’s a brand new day! A fresh start. A new day to allow Jesus to open our spiritual eyes a little wider! A new day to practice seeing with kingdom vision.

Yesterday, I wrote about seeing with open eyes. Seeing with spiritual vision so that we elevate and honor people just like Jesus did. When we see people with the eyes of heaven, every single soul becomes a treasure. Every person you encounter regardless of their earthly status or situation becomes someone Jesus sees as a treasure who is worthy and valuable.
When our daily prayer becomes, “Let me see people like you see them..” our hearts are changed as Jesus opens our eyes and hearts to the people around us that He loves so dearly.
The second daily prayer that can make a huge impact on our daily walk is, “Open my eyes to see the chaos and hurts of this world from a kingdom perspective. Help me to see what heaven sees.” When we look at earth’s problems with heaven’s solutions, HOPE invades the space where Fear and Dread used to be tenants. Instead of partnering with the news reports and social media stories that destruction is at your door, you can see instead that the harvest is plenty, and it’s time the people of God got to harvesting! It’s time we began to move and administer heaven’s healing into people and inject hope into the hopeless situations.
And a third daily prayer, “Open my eyes to see that help is here!” Friends, you are NEVER alone..Ever. You are in the middle of a very real battle, except take heart. You have been given access to every spiritual weapon AND you have been given reinforcements. You have all of heaven’s army backing you. You have angels that are waiting on your command to move and begin to shift the atmosphere around you. You have the very Lord Himself promising to go before you. You have the Lord residing on the INSIDE of you as His temple.
But our eyes have to be opened to that which is in the spiritual realm so that we can move in the earth with knowledge of what is happening in the unseen. And by the power of the Holy Spirit and our prayers for God to open our eyes, we can begin to see more and more that which was previously hidden or veiled from us.

Here is a powerful example from the Old Testament that demonstrates the power of the unseen armies on the Lord’s side.

Elisha was up against the Aramaen army. He was outnumbered according to earthly vision! He could not win the battle without miraculous intervention.   His servant was afraid, but Elisha had kingdom vision. He saw beyond the natural. He saw the unseen. Elisha knew there was more at work than what was happening in the field of his natural vision. He could see heaven’s army at his side!

He told his servant not to worry because those that were on Elisha’s side were GREATER than those on the side of the Aramaen army. Elisha prayed for the servant’s eyes to be opened so that he could see and when he looked again, he saw chariots of fire and horses in abundance. And God gave Elisha victory over the enemy army! Friends, there are entire ARMIES at your aide too when you pray in accordance to the Lord’s will! Your words are that powerful!

That is what having kingdom vision looks like! A continual growing in sight for things that are unseen to others, but in plain sight to the believer walking closely with Jesus and receiving Holy Spirit revelation often.

In the Old Testament,  Elisha said, “Those who are with us are greater than those who are with them.”

And check out the New Testament version!!!! Jesus said, “Greater is He that is in you than He that is in the world!!”
There is no force coming against you, your family, your church, your city, our nation, or our world that is greater than the Lord Himself who chose to take up residence in the hearts of every believer in Jesus Christ.

You are a walking, talking SOLUTION to the issues and pains in the earth because of the Holy Spirit who is alive in you.
Let us continually pray to see people with spiritual eyes.

To see the chaos of the day with spiritual eyes.

AND to also see the help from heaven available to us both within us by HOLY spirit and all around us because of Holy armies sent from heaven.

Dear Heavenly Father,
We ask for wider fields of vision, clearer fields of vision, and strong vision both near and far for the things that YOU desire for us to see. We want to see what You have made available to us in Christ. Let us continually see others and ourselves like you see. Let us have spiritual insight into the help available to us from heaven. Let us live and love stewarding heaven to earth by continually praying, ” Let it be on earth as it is in heaven.” In Jesus’s name, Amen.

Check out Tasha Cobbs singing, “This is How I Fight my Battles.” And be reminded that you are surrounded by the Lord!

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