Prayer for Psalm 150 to be applied to our life.

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh new start. A new day to walk out Psalm 150.

In my last post, I wrote about this short powerful psalm that is the final psalm of the book of Psalms, and it details how absolutely everything in our lives can become praise to the Lord.

So for today, I am sharing a prayer that these verses will come alive in our lives. That as we submit and dedicate everything we are and all that we have to the Lord, then we will live in a continual flow of praise unto the Father.

This is the order of the psalm: Where to praise, when, why, what, how, and who should praise. So just to make sure I included every area, this prayers follows that same order. Praying for psalm 150 to become a way of life. A life of praise just by how we walk, talk, and move in the earth

Dear Heavenly Father,

We so desire to take Psalm 150 and let it transform our thinking about praise. Just as the Psalm is titled: Let Everything Praise You!!

Lord, let us praise you everywhere our feet tread. Let there be no place we find ourselves where your praises are not flowing from our lips or our actions. Lord, let us praise You in our homes, our cars, our workplaces, our churches, our places of recreation, our supermarkets, and everywhere we go. Let us speak of Your goodness to You and let us share You with others whenever You provide an opportunity. And just empower our words to others to be so filled with love that every word that leaves our mouth is an act of praise. Let our dinner table conversation praise you. Let our transactions in the earth with each person be kind, loving, and encouraging. Let people hear You when we talk. Let us speak with Your love and thus glorify Your name.

Lord, let us praise You because You are gooooooooood. You alone are Lord, and You have never left us or forsaken us. You have never left us behind to battle all alone. You have turned what the enemy meant to destroy us into good time and time again. You heal, and redeem, and restore, and make a way when there is no way. You are worthy of all praise! We praise You and we thank You for EVERY good thing. We thank You for relationships and we thank You for wisdom. We thank You for Holy guidance and for having a communion and relationship with You because of Jesus and His sacrifice on our behalf. We praise You for protection and provision. We praise You for Your Hands at work and active in our lives.

Lord, let us praise You with everything we have. If its instruments, let them play loudly. Let us praise you with everything. Let our dining room tables bring you honor and praise as we gather with our loved ones. Let our vehicles bring you praise as we use them generously give a ride to someone or take a friend to church or grab groceries for someone who needs transportation. Whatever you have entrusted to us can be a conduit that we use to offer our praises back to You. Lord, let our hands and our feet praise You. Let our homes praise You by how we use them and by what we fill them with. Let our homes be so submitted unto You that You could knock on the door and be invited in at any moment of time and everything you saw and heard would bring You honor and Praise. Lord, let our work honor You. Let our parenting bring You honor. Let our finances and the way we steward our money praise and bring honor to You. Lord, absolutely every blessing and every good thing is a gift from You. Let us use what we have been entrusted with to give back unto You as an act of praise.

Lord, let our praise be in the form of what we say, what we do, how we conduct ourselves, what we say yes to and what we also say no to. Let every single choice we make be offered back up in praise. As we walk according to Your will and Your ways, be praised and honored by our very lives.

Lord, let every single breath praise You. Let our conversation praise You. Let our singing praise You. Let our yes to Your assignments praise You. Let us raise up children to praise You. Let every single breath praise You.

And finally Lord, let Holy Spirit strengthen us and equip us to make every area of our lives a way of praise. We cannot fill this tall order alone, but with You, we can do anything! With Your Holy equipping, we can walk, talk, and live in constant praise.

In Jesus’s Holy Name, Amen.

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