I am Surrounded and I Never, Ever Walk Alone

Good Morning Gorgeous,
It’s a brand new day. A fresh start! A new day to rest in the reality that you are NEVER alone. You can move today with peace in your soul because you walk surrounded.

I referenced this bible story a few weeks ago, but I read the story again yesterday. I want to share it again, because it is such a beautiful example of how surrounded we are by aide from heaven.

Elisha is the anointed prophet of God who was trained under Elijah. And he continued to speak on behalf of God after Elijah was lifted up to the heavens.

So in 2 Kings, chapter 6, the king of Aram is trying to attack the king of Israel. But every time he makes a plan to attack, Elisha warns the king of Israel where the Aramaens are planning to attack.

This frustrates the king of Aram so much that he is convinced someone from within his own company is sharing his plans with Israel. But he is advised that it is Elisha, the prophet of God who knows by the power of God.

He finds out exactly where Elisha is located and sends a great number of troops to surround the city.

The next morning, Elisha’s servant arises and sees that they are completely surrounded!

But Elisha sees beyond the situation before him. Elisha sees more than the enemy closing in on him. He is completely surrounded by enemy troops and it is just Elisha and his servant and they are coming for him. He is not backed up by his own army. He is not prepared for battle. He is not a soldier himself! He is a prophet. He speaks the words of the Lord. How will he fight back? How in the natural realm will he ever defeat an entire army surrounding him on all sides?

The same way, you precious child of the Lord will defeat everything battling against you today. The enemies of anxiety, fear, worry, abandonment, lack, pain from family, lack of financial provision, struggles at work, health concerns, home concerns, and problems big and small that are ALL closing in on you at once will not be defeated by your own might. You just like the prophet Elisha were never prepared to be a soldier fighting alone in these battles. You were prepared to be a child of the Living God. You are going to defeat EVERY one of those enemies listed above and MORE by leaning into the power, might, and strength of the Lord who has you completely surrounded on ALL sides by an army way more powerful than all of your enemies put together.

Check out how this story ENDS!!!

Elisha doesn’t battle them!!!!

He sees that Heavenly help is here and even when he looks surrounded, he is actually surrounded by God and His angel armies! He prays for his servant to have the same spiritual eyes to see the help!

And then what happens next is absolutely MIND BLOWING! It can only happen by the hands of the Lord. The entire enemy army of Aram is blinded and so Elisha leads them right into the middle of the city of Samaria where they are met by the king of Israel. The king that they were trying to come after at the beginning of the story. The king is going to kill them. Instead under Elisha’s advice, the king prepares a large feast for them and they eat and drink and go home in PEACE!

Isn’t that just how God works. He works completely opposite how the world works. He will send aide to you every time. I will write that again. He will send aide to you everytime, and yet the outcome may be much different than you expected. You may find yourself serving an old enemy and finding complete and total peace. You may find yourself working in a job that you never imagined. You may find that provision comes from the least likely of places. You may find that the anxiety and the worry catapults you right into the lap of Jesus where every single bit of stress melts away.

The Lord’s solutions are usually way different than what we imagined in our heads. And all of the what if scenarios rarely play out as we thought.

The takeaway from this story is you are completely surrounded on all sides by Heavenly help!

You were prepared by God to see beyond and above EVERY earthly attack coming against you, and to see from a higher perspective.

You have new eyes of faith to see not as the world does, but as heaven does.

Here is an I am statement for us today!

Dear Heavenly Father,
Give us eyes to see beyond the natural. Give us stronger faith to trust that we are always surrounded by you and a whole host of Heavenly help. Teach us to live as people of the kingdom of God. Teach us to be people who are in the world, but not of this world.  Train us to live from our seat in Heavenly places with Christ Jesus. Teach us to lean into You and Heaven’s help in every situation. In Jesus’s name, Amen.

Here is an amazing rendition of the song: Surrounded (This is How I Fight my Battles) by Tasha Cobb. This song will uplift you and encourage you today! It will remind you that even when it looks like you are surrounded, you are really surrounded by God!!

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