Bringing Puppy Home!

Hi my Gorgeous Friends,

It’s official, we are driving home with our sweet puppy in tow! And God is sooooo good y’all! He was in EVERY last detail. He dotted the “i”s and crossed all the “t”‘s.

Our puppy was born in GA, and we had planned to make the drive up to GA to pick him up. It was almost an 8 hour drive there and then we would stay overnight, and drive home.

Last week, the family reached out to me and said that they were making a last minute trip to FL! They would be only 2 hours north of us, and wanted to know if we could meet them in Clearwater.

“Uuuum yes!!!!” It was a perfect blessing. So today was the day. We loaded up and hit the road.

Even with excitement high, driving with our 5 year old twins is not easy. They have never been great “road trippers”. They fuss. They make loud noises. They argue and fight. It’s not usually a peaceful ride if we have to drive long distances, so thank goodness we only had to drive 2 hours!

And so, we met in a parking lot at the Hilton on the beach and waited patiently for their car to pull in….. it was torture waiting. The anticipation was mounting. This was the moment we would meet and hold our puppy that we met online 7 weeks ago.

And….. meeting him was….perfect.

HE is perfect.

Like seriously, it feels like God reached down and said, “Daughter, I have a gift for your family.”

His personality is calm and relaxed. He handled all of the kids passing him around. He let them pet him and love on him. He is so cuddly and just plain….sweet!

We stopped at the park to give him food and water and a potty break. He was playful and enjoyed running around with the kids.

We are just about to pull into our driveway, and he has only been with us for about 2 and half hours, but he seriously just FITS. Like absolute perfection. God is goooood. Sooo sooo sooo good.

I have said it before and I will continue to share that God cares about every single detail in your life. He cares about the desires of your heart. He cares about every little thing that matters to you. He will address your needs if you allow Him to care for you. He gives good gifts, and today I am in awe how He led me to this perfect pup!

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  1. I am so happy for your new family member. Please show him off the next time you join Blogger Chat 🙂

    Which of your kiddos does he bond with or is it with all of them?

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