Asking God the Hard Questions

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh new start. A new day to rise and get before the Lord. Every day, His mercies are brand new. Every day, there is fresh grace.

On days when you rise and you feel far from Him, you can invite Him in afresh.

Today is a brand new day. You can simply turn to Him and say, “I’m here Lord.”

He has been there all along, but when you call on Him, He draws near to you. He turns His attention to you. He listens to you. His eyes are looking at you with favor and kindness. His gaze is intent and inviting. He truly wants to hear every single word that you have to share with Him.

He delights in you. He just wants to hear from you. He wants you to trust Him with your questions. He wants to answer whatever you want to know.

And asking God questions reveals intimacy and closeness. He invites our questions when you ask with a genuine heart. The instances in the bible where the Lord got angry with questions were when they were asked mockingly in a way meant to trick Him such as the Pharisees and their questions or when the doubt was just blatant and blasphemous and the question was posed to mock the Lord. In these instances, it was a heart issue. Those asking the questions were not children of God, they were cold, calloused hearts asking the questions.

But in your grief, in your wonder, in your curiosity, in your seeking of God, it is okay to kneel before Him and ask heartfelt, genuine questions……

Why do you feel so far away?

Where were you when……..?

Why does your Word say….?

What do you want me to do next?

How am I ever supposed to……..?

How will I know what to do when……?

How do I answer people when they ask about this area of my faith?

Why do you allow such pain in the earth?

When will you move in this area of my life?

Why did this awful part of my past happen?

How much longer will I be in this pain?

How much longer until Your promise comes to pass?

And I could go on and on….. we have so many questions for God. Big, heavy questions and small, minor ones.

Do we ask Him? Or do we hold them all in afraid to get real with a real God?

He can handle your questions. He welcomes them! He enjoys your curiosity and your inquiry. He delights when you TRUST Him, and we trust when we are in relationship.

Can you think of a healthy relationship that doesn’t include the right to ask a question?

The bible is brimming with questions! Questions from God to man, man to God, man to man, and more! Beth Moore writes in her book, The Quest,that there are 3,298 questions recorded in the bible!!

With your curiosity and your inquiry, you will come to know the Father as One who answers! If you haven’t heard from God in awhile, have you asked Him anything that requires an answer?

And God looks for us when we are quiet. Just as He searched for man in the garden and asked, “Where are you?” He is also looking for us and longing for us to tell Him where we are.

Of course, He knows. He knows all, but there is something that shifts and changes in us when we answer God, “Here I am.” And then we put our trust in Him. When we get real with Him and tell Him where we are and then ask Him all the questions that are pressing on our hearts and minds.

The key here is inviting God in! He stands and knocks, and when we open the door, we can trust Him fully with every concern, every struggle, every fear, and every single question.

So today if you feel far from Jesus, ask yourself if you have questions for Him that have been bothering you.

These unanswered and unasked questions may be driving a wedge between you and the Father. Not because He has gone anywhere, but you may be drawing back because you need closure and some type of peace in an area. Tell the One who gives the peace in abundance!

Do you have:

Questions that are hard and you need to tell someone, but have been afraid to admit them.

Questions that make you afraid that He will be angry with you for asking.

These types of questions that we grapple with and struggle with are the very questions that He so desires to hear from us. Your honest, authentic questions to Your Papa God will draw you closer to Him and He closer to You. And Holy Spirit will work inside of you to give you peace while you wait for God to reveal the answers to you.

Some questions God may answer so clearly and you will have such assurity and clarity. Other questions may remain unanswered, but peace about them will reign in your heart where unrest used to dwell.

So be brave, be bold, and go ahead and get real with a real God.

Crawl into His lap and pour it all out. You will feel so much lighter and better after talking with the One who can lift every burden.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Guide us in all truth. Help us to push past unhealthy fear of You that keeps us locked in silence and instead help us to develop a healthy fear that makes us in awe of You and who You are. Help us to bravely tell you everything and ask you everything. Move us out of religious chains and stifling boxes and into real, authentic relationship with You.

In Jesus’s name, Amen.

6 thoughts on “Asking God the Hard Questions

  1. this section says it all:

    “So be brave, be bold, and go ahead and get real with a real God.

    Crawl into His lap and pour it all out. You will feel so much lighter and better after talking with the One who can lift every burden.”

  2. Amen. God bless you for sharing this, ma’am.
    Getting real with God is key. And God wants that for us. As much as He may be the big “unquestionable God” whose ways are far exceeding ours. He still has a listening ear to all of our seeking and willing to guide us into all truth.

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