“Please Lord, let him poop out the octopus.”

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh start. A new day to rise and move ahead even when the space ahead is hard.

A new day to walk, run, jog, crawl, or some days just simply rise to our feet despite all that is coming at us.

It seems that the fiery arrows never cease. The assault is continual, and as you clear one obstacle, a new one lays in wait.

The arrows may fly. They may be dipped in fire. They will NOT prosper. You will press on. You will keep your eyes fixated on Jesus. You will endure all things. You will stay steadfast in your faith, and the reward will be great.

My son Brycen had surgery 3 days ago, and his initial recovery was awesome. He was up and dancing that afternoon. But now, he is sad, stuffy, running a fever, and his speech is nasally and very different. We have been praying and praying. I know the Lord is healing and restoring him to health. It has been a tough couple of days with him. Worry has tried to sneak in.

Our neighbor has been in the hospital very sick with Covid. We have been praying haaaard and recieving regular updates from his daughter. He is improving. Prayers are continuing from many believers on his behalf. I trust that God is healing his body completely. Worry has tried to sneak in.

Returning to school is looming. What will it look like? How will kids react to the safety measures? What will it be like to wear a mask for 8 hours and teach all day? How will the kids feel? Is it safe to return? How can I take on the storm and shelter my kiddos and also my students? Worry has tried to sneak in.

My precious new puppy got ahold of a mini squishy toy octopus. When Chuck tried to take it, he swallowed it whole. I’ve been watching him like a hawk for him to puke it up or poop it out. Neither has happened. I’ve been praying like crazy. “Lord, please let puppy poop out this octopus. Please Lord, heal him! Touch his little body and make the octopus pass.” Worry is at my doorstep, knocking, banging, screaming to come in!!!!!

Worry is at my doorstep, knocking, banging, screaming to come in!!!!!

I refuse to bend and succumb. I will press on. I will pray. I will listen to Holy Spirit. I will walk and act in wisdom.

I am calling the ENT to follow up about Brycen’s behavior.

I am calling the vet to ask about the need to come in for a puppy exam.

I went online and started purchasing more masks in preparation for back to school.

I will move my feet. I will press on each day handling whatever the day requires, but I will not buckle and freeze in worry.

I will fight the good fight of faith with a sound mind steadfast in Jesus.

I will keep my eyes on Him, NOT the storm. Peter could walk on water as long as he locked eyes with Jesus. The moment he looked at the waters, he began to sink. Our faithful Lord still pulled him up and out even in his weakness and doubt. But, how much better off was he when he was eye locked with His Savior.

That’s where I choose to stay. Again and again through every stormy gale. Through every struggle, every illness, every turmoil, every loss, and every gain, I choose Jesus.

So Gorgeous child of Christ, I encourage you to press on through every obstacle. Press on through the hardships, the daily assaults, and the things that try so hard to rob you of joy. Don’t give in, press on. Pray Hard. And move and do the things you are called to do. But you can walk with a sound mind filled with peace regardless of the weather of the day.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Help us to strip off every heavy weight that tries to attach itself to us. Remove the worries, strip away sin, and cleanse our hearts. Let us stand firm on Your Word amidst the storm. Keep us in perfect peace as we stay in Your embrace. Lord, rescue us from every single battle. In Jesus’s name, Amen.

22 thoughts on ““Please Lord, let him poop out the octopus.”

  1. Amen, hope your son is feeling better, my younger daughter is in high school her second year so for me she will do cyber school (she has asthma) and everyone safe from this virus especially her oldest sister who is chronically ill. My prayers are with your son for healing

    1. Thank you so much Eileen for your prayers!!! And thankful for cyber school options! Praise be to God for that opportunity for your daughter. He is so good!

  2. Praying for your son and puppy. Also praying for your peace! God is so good and will never leave nor forsake us! Thank you for such encouraging words through your message today. I myself really needed that! Be blessed my sweet friend!! Love you!😘😘

    1. Thank you so much for praying for my family! Glad the word encouraged you. I am really trying to live this out fully and lay claim to what Jesus has promised: His peace despite the storm. Blessings to you as well!!

  3. So sorry for the challenges everyone is facing in their own way. But I’m so blessed to have been able to watch you as a skinny child take such good care of your cabbage patch babies. And now to watch you do all this with your beautiful family… well to say I’m in awe is totally an understatement ❣️ I love you and I’m sending my prayers for your strength in the Lord to see you and your family through these challenging times❤️ You have my heart❤️❤️

    1. THANK YOU Aunt Rose! These words are so kind. God has been preparing me to be a momma for a long time. Raising real kiddos is ALOT harder than cabbage patch kids though. Thank you for loving me and caring for me!!

  4. Oh my friend, I wish I could come over & make it all better. In the midst of this latest barrage of storms, God is preparing you for something amazing. I can feel it!! Be ready, cuz’ it’s about to get GOOD!!

  5. Such a powerful message! Prayers of peace, comfort, and healing for you and your precious family.

  6. Boy, those arrows do keep coming, don’t they? Thank God for His strength and His knowledge beforehand of all we’ll face. I just paused to pray for you and your family and friends. Oh, and that precious puppy! Blessings each day, Vanessa!

  7. Such a blessing. A lot going on and worrying may just be the next resolve but we will choose hope and faith in God. I pray for healing and full recovery for him. And don’t worry even though we may not see Him working physically. He is behind the scenes and it will all come out to the open soon. Waiting for the testimonies. Hugs

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