We have Octopus Poop!

Good Afternoon my Gorgeous Friends in Christ! (Now its evening..started this post at 2pm.)

I have so many musings in my Spirit, and they each will probably fill their own blog post. So this week, I will lean into Holy Spirit and let Him help me articulate the things He is placing on my heart.

But today, I wanted to hop on and thank you all for the outpouring of love and prayers you sent to me Friday.

I also wanted to update ya on the happenings over here!

I called the ENT and Brycen’s symptoms are all considered “normal” for the surgery he had. He started an antibiotic just to be sure the fever wasn’t from an infection, and he is slowly returning to his normal. His speech is still very affected, so please pray for full recovery of his speech.

And……….we have octopus poop!!!!! It took 36 hours from the time Maxwell ate the toy octopus until he passed it, but Saturday morning we were blessed by the octopus making its appearance tentacles and all!! I was so happy that I started praising Jesus right in the front yard and saying, “Hallelujah, we have octopus poop! God is so good!” My 13 year old son Ayden was so embarrassed. He said, “Mom, stop! The neighbors are watching you.” I didn’t even care who saw me. I was so happy that he wouldn’t need surgery to remove it.

Friends, I shared with you Friday morning that I would not open the door to worry. And I can honestly report that I didn’t open the door while I waited to see the Lord move.

I didn’t even open it a crack, because when you open it, worry will shove its nasty foot in the doorway and make it hard to close again.

I was only able to keep the door shut on worry by looking back into the eyes of Jesus again and again. I would hear the knock, and I would pray. I would hear the “what ifs…..” try to whisper and call my name. And I would turn and pray.

Friends, because of Jesus and the gift of the advocate, Holy Spirit, we do NOT have to partner with worry, fear, or any other things that try to claim our peace.

We have the right to a sound mind, but we have to claim our peace again and again by standing our ground in the space that Jesus has already won for us.

If you have something burdening you today, boldly give it to Jesus. He will work on your behalf. He will guide your steps. And you can REST instead of worry.

I could have spent 36 hours all worked up in worry and fear. And a few years ago, I would have done just that. .

Worry was my well known visitor and she stopped by regularly and overstayed her welcome every time. Now I absolutely refuse to sit with worry like I used to, and I won’t even answer the doorbell when she knocks.(Most of the time. I do relapse sometimes, but Jesus is right there to pick me back up!)

It’s a continual choice to turn back and claim my peace.

Worry knocks, I turn and pray.

Worry knocks, I play worship music.

Worry knocks, I take whatever steps I am called to take. I move my feet and do what the situation calls for. Make the phone calls, appointments, etc.

Worry knocks, I turn and pray.

Worry knocks, I say my I am statements backed by scripture.

Worry knocks, I turn and pray.

Because of Holy Spirit, not by any might of my own, I have a sound mind free from worry despite the seeming continual onslaughts attempting to steal my peace.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Equip us with fresh strength to say no to worry and yes to Your peace. Help us to win again and again and keep the inheritance of peace that You have alr already given to us.

In Jesus’s name, Amen.

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