Just for Fun: Bentley and Brycen’s Birthday Party Preparations

Are birthday parties even a thing anymore?? We love big celebrations, and pre coronavirus, we would have large parties often. Today, we are celebrating the boys turning six. (How did that happen?!) We have scaled way down and have just family and our village coming over. The boys are napping and the girls are busy helping me surprise them when they wake up.

Nia loves to help! She prepped the cupcake pan.

Then, she cracked eggs.

Addy poured the batter, and taste tested!

Look closely, Maxwell is in his favorite spot.

Brycen woke up and helped me cut watermelon and the girls got really quiet. I went to check on them. I guess their hard work made them sleepy. I found them fast asleep in my bed.

Lately, there are small snippets popping up where life feels like it is slowing beginning to bloom again.

Celebrations have a way of letting joy break through the struggle for just a little while.

So today, we will celebrate these two precious boys that make everything more lively!

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