Prayer for Our Nation

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh new start.
A new day to rise and pray like we really believe that our prayers have the power to shift the tides, split the sea, and heal our land!

I love this promise from God and it is so relevant and needed today!

Notice that God said, “If my people..”
He is talking to believers. This is an Old Testament promise given to Solomon after he finished building the temple. The Lord called the Israelites as His own, gave them the promised land, and then later they partnered with evil and began to participate in the evil practices of the nations surrounding them.

This beautiful promise is given to Solomon in advance of their fall as a reminder to them that He will be there when they call on Him. If they fall, they have a lifeline. Just call on Me, and I’ll be there. This is a call from God to His people that if they stumble, they are invited to come back, return, and prosper again.

The same call from God is available today for all believers in Jesus. We are His people. So when WE humble ourselves, pray, seek Him, and turn from our wicked ways, He will Heal our land!

My pastor opened my eyes to the revelation that God is talking to believers. That means that instead of waiting for a move of God in the secular or unsaved world, believers can begin to take God at His promise and trust that if His People, the followers of Jesus Christ begin to move, He will move on their behalf.Β  If WE stop just saying how evil the world is and instead get before Him, be humble and acknowledge our sin, pray earnestly, and seek His face, then He will move.

Our prayers can be the force that unlocks healing for our nation.

Our prayers can be the answer to a broken and hurting America.

Our prayers can bind up sickness, and release the healing salve.

Our prayers can cancel enemy assignments, and cause us to prosper again.

Our prayers can open blind eyes to the truth of God’s Word.

Our prayers can anoint leaders with the wisdom they need to lead us in justice and truth.

Our prayers can be a driving force that leads our nation into recovery and prosperity.

Our prayers can cause divisions to mend, gaps to close, unrest to flee, and peace to reign.

Our prayers can make evil tremble and truth take over.

So today, I share a prayer for our Nation. And I believe this promise is for every nation where believers turn and pray. So if you are reading from another country, the same promise is for your land. This could be a global prayer!

Dear Heavenly Father,

We recognize You as sovereign and all powerful. You are Lord, and we praise Your Holy Name.

We come before You recognizing that we are not in control. We are not able to lead a country well apart from You, Your wisdom, or Your Active Hands.
We need Your guidance in all things or we slip and fall.

We seek You today on behalf of our Nation. We ask for Your involvement in all things across our country.

We repent of our idleness. We repent of our slumber as the culture has led the nation instead of the church. We repent of joining in with the culture and blending so that sometimes we Christians who bear your name look just like nonbelievers.

Lord, set us apart again. Let the Holy Spirit fire inside of us set us ablaze so that we walk and talk like Jesus. Let believers all across the nation begin to stand out and boldly speak for what is right. Let it be done in a spirit of love. Let it be done in a Spirit of truth that convicts hearts and HEALS.

Drive away argumentative and divisive spirits that hurt rather than heal. Abolish pride and christian pride that is a roadblock for some to come to know Christ. Instead let Your people walk humble in love while boldly proclaiming the truth.

Lord, give our leaders in every area of government wisdom. Pour HOLY Spirit wisdom into local government leaders, state government, the House of Representatives, the Senate, the Supreme Court, the vice president, the president, and all of the advisors who speak into them. Lord, let Your voice be the loudest one in their ears.

Lord, we pray for our leaders regardless of their party affiliation to come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior. We cry out for revival in the White House! That everyone turns and falls on their face to worship You! From the security guards to any staff member to the President and His family.

Lord, we ask for an end to racial division, and end to human trafficking, an end to child abuse, an end to abortion, and an end to every horrific evil being done in the earth.

Lord, we humbly seek Your Ways above our own. YOUR understanding above ours. YOUR Truth to supercede and reign over our land.

We trust You even when we lack
wisdom to understand how You are working.

You are a good, good Father.

In Jesus’s name, Amen.

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