Just for fun Post! My daughters got their ears pierced!

Last Wednesday, I got catapulted back into pre coronavirus life.

We had a jam packed day, and it was the first busy one after months of quarantine.

It reminded me that I don’t wanna return back to that same crazy pace, but there was some comfort in the normal things we did all in one day.

1st vet visit for Maxwell! He is 16.4 pounds and healthy as can be!

Playdate at the park. Our first time at a park for a playdate since this whole pandemic. It was so lovely and heartwarming to get to chat with another mom and watch our kids giggle and play almost like things are returning to some semblance of normal.
And then to top the day off, we finished with a big milestone!

Nia got her ears pierced and Addy got a second ear piercing. Nia has been asking, begging, and pleading to get earrings. I planned to take her for her birthday in April, but then the whole pandemic happened and we were quarantined during her birthday. She has been as patient as possible for a three year old.

When she realized that we were going to the mall to actually get her ears pierced. “Today!” she was over the moon excited..

Here is the before pic.

She got to pick out the pair she wanted, and she hopped into the chair. I had warned her that it was going to hurt. She was still willing to get them pierced.
They pierced them one at a time, and after the first one, she was pretty sad…

But she bravely wanted to get the other one done too. But this time in my lap. Here she is right after the 2nd ear.

And then by the time she hopped out of the chair, realization set in that she had her long awaited earrings.

And then her sister’s turn. She went in and held her hand for her.

And then Addy was done too!

Starbucks cakepops and happy girls!!

I am thankful for moments where life almost feels normal again…

Thanks for letting me share a little glimpse of our lives with you!  🙂

Vanessa Lynn

10 thoughts on “Just for fun Post! My daughters got their ears pierced!

  1. Awwww cute!!!! I got my ears pierced for the 1st time a year ago! I was the first out of all 6 females in my family to get it done. Still the only one. 🙂

  2. I love seeing your pictures, my family is also mix, my husband is from Trindad, I had one daughter by birth and my son is African American, and my youngest is also a mix child (both I have adopted out of foster care and a blessing)

    1. Hi Eileen, Thanks for sharing a little more about your family! My youngest three children I adopted from foster care as well. I am continually conscious of the gift the Lord gave to me when He allowed me to be their momma.

  3. Aww. The teary face though. Hope the pain is all gone now?. I’m sure they are so excited. 🙂
    And she is so sweet. She went ahead to give her sister, moral support. 😊

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