Even if the whole earth gives way, I will not fear.

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh new start. Today could be the day you turn your back on worry, fear, and anxiousness.

The day that you choose to take God at His Word.

The day that you partner with His Promises for you.

The day that you hand Him every heavy burden and don’t reach for it back.

The day that the scales tip, and your faith outweighs your fear.

The Lord is serious about His call for you to trust Him.

The bible states it again and again and again. “Do not fear. Be still. Trust in Me. Call on Me. Turn to Me. Pray, and I will hear you. I will save you. I am mighty to save. I am here for you.”

Verse after verse after verse inviting us to just let Him be our Lord and allow Him to care for us.

I read this beautiful verse in Psalms and I love how it promises that the Lord will be right there, an immediate help. And THEN gives examples of the worst types of disasters to show that even THEN the Lord would be right there as our refuge and strength.

I invite you to mediate on this today. Read Psalm 46:1-3 again and again until is soaks in deep and shines light on your fear and sends it scattering..

God is our refuge and strength.... you can flee to Him for a safe place amidst any storm, any season, any hurt, any disaster. In His Presence you will find protection and ALSO a strengthening so that when you go out from His Presence, you will have His strength inside of you so that you can face the storm strong and fortified.

He is a very present help….He is relevant and immediately there to save you. He is very present meaning He is not a far off Lord who is hard to reach. You call and He is there to hear and protect and strengthen and give instruction.

Because He is our refuge and strength and very present help, we will not fear….

And then it gets good! EVEN THOUGH the earth gives way.

Do you feel like the earth has given way? Like the carpet has been pulled out from under your feet? Like everything that was secure is now shaken?

Me too…. yet, the Lord is the solid rock that we can sink our sneakers into and find footing.

And we will not fear EVEN THOUGH the mountains are moved into the heart of the sea!

Mountains symbolize immovable things. Have you ever seen a mountain shift into the heart of the sea? Not like a landslide where it simply slides into the ocean. The bible is CLEAR here that the mountain is moved into the HEART of the sea. It’s being flung into the middle of the sea. Impossible, right?

God is demonstrating that even when the most secure things in your life get flung into the depths, you still don’t need to fear because He will be your refuge.

So even though education systems are being moved and shifted, we don’t have to fear.

Even though jobs are lost, we don’t have to fear.

Even though, day to day life has been upturned, we don’t have to fear.

Even though, our churches are being threatened, we don’t have to fear.

Even though, our government is divided, we don’t have to fear.

Even though, our globe is being attacked by a virus, we don’t have to fear.

Why? Because the Lord said that EVEN if the whole earth gives way, He will be our strength, refuge, and ever present help.

If we say we are believers in Jesus Christ, then we are called to do just that: believe.

Take Him at His Word, hold Him to it, and trust that He is in perfect control.

He will do what He says He will do.

Our part is to also do what He says to do.

So flee to Him, spend time with Him, pray and talk to Him, sing to Him, and then see how you feel.

I woke up today with a heaviness. There was no particular reason for it, but some mornings are like that for me. I wake up and there is a sadness, a heaviness, or an anxiousness in my stomach.

I got before the Lord and just began to pray. Not even about my feelings, but prayed for people, for the three things that I shared that I was challenged by my pastor to pray for: churches, government, and the pandemic, prayed for God’s protection and His ways to reign, prayed for individual people by name, and by the time I said, “Amen.” Heaviness was gone and a new strength replaced it.

Friends, we can take Him at His Word. Whatever your heart is wrestling with today, take it to Him. He will faithfully be your refuge and your safety, and then He will fill you with what you need for the day.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Meet with us individually and personally today. Lord, drive away the crippling fear, the anxieties, the panic, and the what if thinking. Instead give us bold strength to declare that, “Even if the whole earth gives way, I will not fear because You Lord are my refuge and strength and very immediate help.”

In Jesus’s name, Amen.

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