From the Rock

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh start. A new day to rise and a new day to stand your ground on the solid rock of Jesus Christ.

From the rock, you can engage in every conversation, every assignment, and even every struggle with power and strength.

If you stay grounded in the rock, then no matter the weather, you will not be moved.

The storms may rage, struggles may arise, and bad reports may come.

Headlines may roll in that take you by surprise.

Things at work may go from bad to worse.

And yet, you are not moved, because you never left the rock.

From the solid rock, grounded in Jesus, you cannot be shaken.

You may sway and bend like the branches on a strong oak tree in the wind, but as you cling to Jesus and stand on His promises, He will hold you firm and strong like the roots in the ground hold the mature tree.

Mature trees have seen many seasons come and go, and yet they stand.

They are not moved by winter, summer, spring, or fall.

Their roots run deep and secure and the longer they stay planted in that same place, the stronger they become.

If someone continually uprooted the tree and moved it here and there, it wouldn’t gain the deep root system needed to hold it strong and steady during the wind and shifting weather.

If we can learn to stay planted, grounded, rooted, fertilized, and watered all by Christ, we also will be immovable no matter the weather.

So stay my friends grounded in Him. Don’t run to shifting sand. When the windstorms pick up, run to your prayer closet.

When your anxiety spikes, open the Word and let Him speak to You with His calming love.

When everything starts to quake and shake, turn on worship music and sing until you feel solid ground.

When what you thought was solid shifts, ask God to put you on immovable ground.

Through prayer, the Word, and worship, you can stay grounded today. You can be immovable. You can stand on solid rock even though everything else is shifting.

From the rock, you can make sound decisions, give wise counsel, and even encourage your own soul when it feels hard pressed on all sides.

Dear Heavenly Father,

You are goood! Soo good. Help us to get on the rock of Jesus Christ and stay there. Keep us grounded in faith, so that we cannot be moved or shaken. Keep us firm and strong and able to do all we are called to do in this hour. In Jesus’s name, Amen.

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