Looking for a church in Cape Coral?

Hi Friends!

I wanted to share our experience visiting a new church here in Cape Coral. It can be intimidating visiting a new church for the first time, so I thought I would share everything you can expect if you visit FaithGeneration in Cape Coral, Fl.

Our home church is LifeChurch, and I cannot express adequately how much I love my church. I am so thankful for the healing, the teaching, the worship, the community, the Presence of the Holy Spirit, the youth group and so much more. I blogged early on in the pandemic that one of my greatest losses that I was grieving was the gathering with fellow believers on Sundays at my church.

My church reopened in June, and we have seen the Holy Spirit move in amazing ways this summer.

But my church had to make the difficult decision to close in person gathering for 2 weeks because of a Covid exposure, and their transparency and care and concern for the congregation is another example of why I love them so much.

So, with my home church closed, I had a rare opportunity to visit my friend Margaret’s church. She sings on the worship team, and I have wanted to get the opportunity to attend, but couldn’t. Last Sunday was our day, and I am so glad we went!

Faith Generation is a new church in Cape Coral, and the people that attend may be some of the friendliest people I’ve met!

When you first walk in the lobby, you are greeted with smiling faces, donuts, coffee, lemonade, and water. The people are genuine and kind and hospitality seems to be a special gifting they have.

We checked in our kiddos for children’s church, and the adults around started talking and interacting with our kids. They made them feel welcomed and loved.

The pastor started chatting with us and even personally walked us back to the children’s classrooms. The kids rooms were inviting and the teachers were so kind. My kiddos ran right in and began to play.

My dear friend Margaret was leading worship and the worship music was beautiful. I could feel Jesus inhabiting the praises of His people.

The pastor is in a series called Courageous, and he shared a much needed, timely message on knowing your identity in Christ. He preached from the book of Esther. And then later when I listened to my home church’s sermon, my pastor also preached out of Esther! The Holy Spirit often impresses similar messages to pastors at the same time, and to see it in action was cool.

We enjoyed every part of our visit to Faith Generation.

Here’s a pic of the kiddos! Nia is in the middle of eating a donut when I snapped this pic.

The pastor’s wife, Carolina, chatted with us after service. She was so welcoming, and she talked to each of the kiddos again. She gave them little gifts, and just engaged them in conversation.

We went back again this Sunday, and Nia ran straight into her arms for a hug.

If you live in Cape Coral, and are looking for a church, I encourage you to give Faith Generation a try.

This is a casual, loving atmosphere and a great place to worship and be taught the Word of God.

If you want more info:


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/myfaithgeneration/

Contact Information

(239) 687-3161

And they will be meeting in a new location at the William Austin Youth Center starting next Sunday, August 31st.

Blessings everyone!

Hope your Sunday was amazing! We picked up Maxwell after church, and took him to lunch with us. 🙂

Now we are getting ready for Monday. 🙂

Praying you all have a blessed week filled with hearing God’s voice and experiencing His Presence.

Vanessa Lynn

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    1. Yep! He always sits in that seat right next to her. 🙂 And today, she wandered a little off at lunch, and he began to bark at me to go get her. It is sweet to watch him step into his “protective” doggie mode at only 3 months old.

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