Pressing on through the Dark

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh start. A new dawn is about to break forth regardless of the darkness of the night.

Even the darkest night cannot stop the breakthrough of the dawn.

The light breaks forth afresh every morning. A physical reminder that God is redeeming and restoring the darkness we are experiencing to light. He will chase away the darkest hour with His bright light. And just as He is faithful to cause the sun to break through every morning, so He will be faithful to those who love Him to cause every single thing to work out for good.

You see, every detour that life hands you still has the opportunity to lead to prosperity in Jesus.

When you pursue Him and His ways above all else with an undivided heart, He will not waste a single tear.

He has a way of blessing His followers in their darkest, coldest seasons.

He has a way of making fruit appear despite every harsh condition you see with your eyes.

He has a way of making beauty arise right up out of the ashes.

Where you see a wasteland, the Lord can plant a vineyard.

Where you see a dark alley, the Lord can make it a prosperous route.

Where you see a wall, the Lord can help you scale right over it or cause it to crumble and fall.

Where you see roadblock after roadblock, Jesus makes exit routes and detours that all lead to abundant life in Christ.

He will never give up on you. He will be faithful to finish what He started in you all the way to completion.

When He is leading and we are following, the path will lead to life.

When Jesus directs our paths, every roadblock becomes opportunity for Him to provide breakthrough, healing, and abundance.

What you perceive as a roadblock may be an opportunity for a Holy strengthening.

What you perceive as the darkest of nights could be the final hour before the breakthrough of a striking dawn.

What you perceive as a no from God could be a message of a much greater yes around the bend.

The key is trusting in Him even when you cannot see. Following Him despite every reason to give up. Clinging to your faith white knuckled until He comes and gives solid footing under you.

He has promised that He designed us for good things. He made us for impact in the earth and to accomplish good works for the kingdom. You are here on Holy assignment and your assignments were planned out long ago. Meaning you have destiny ahead even through the struggle.

And so whatever your struggle this morning, I encourage you to press on ahead. Pray for fresh resolve to keep going. Pray for solid footing and some ground to get traction, because God is calling You ahead!

And any roadblock or mountain can be offered up to God and you can partner with Him afresh for breakthrough. Tell Him again today what you need EVEN IF you’ve prayed the prayer a thousand times, speak it anew. God is still working to make the sunrise even when the sky looks pitch black. He has not forgotten your prayers. He has been working all along.

Dear Heavenly Father,

We pray for strength to press on. We pray for solid ground of Your Word to be under our feet. Let us stand on Your Word, Your Promises, Your unfailing Love, and Your Presence. Let us be a people who stay grounded in You even in the evening when all around looks bleak and dark. Even when we can’t see, let us still cling to You in faith. Lord, let the scales fall off of our eyes and our ears become unplugged so that we can follow You wholeheartedly in full measure! In Jesus’s name, Amen.

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