1st Day of School!

I wanted to say thank you for your prayers and well wishes yesterday.

Our kids had an excellent first day!

My kids came home from school beaming, literally beaming.

Brycen said, “I love my teacher. She has a sweet voice. I was a good boy and I made good choices mommy.”

Bentley said, “I had a good day. My teacher is nice. Almost all of my friends are in my class.”

And Addyson, my 10 year old, loved her teacher as well. She told me, “She has the most beautiful smile, and she is so funny. I love her humor. She is the nicest teacher ever!”

When you hear words like social distancing in schools, no sharing materials, mask mandate, etc., you wonder, “How in the world will this work in elementary school? How will the kids handle it?”

Because of amazing teachers who can break through barriers like masks and desks in rows, all of my kids came home feeling loved, safe, and happy to be back in school!

Teachers are superheros!

Thank you to all teachers who are buffering this and pushing through and standing tall and showing up each day with a smile and heavy doses of love!

May God continue to work in and through you to impact the next generation!

5 thoughts on “1st Day of School!

    1. She has been back for a few weeks and she actually got in trouble for not sharing. This morning she prayed with me for Jesus to help her share with her friends. It’s an interesting age. Last night she told us at dinner that she made a new friend and then hit her when she took her toy. We were trying so hard not to laugh while explaining that’s not how we treat friends. Like in one breath she was so proud of her new friend, and then boldly admitted to hitting her! But overall, she loves school too.

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