A Prayer to the Lord for this New Day!

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh new start.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Today is a new day to rest in the reminder that I serve You alone.

A new day to let You come and break off burdens that aren’t mine.

A new day to peel off the unrealistic expectations placed upon me.

A new day to seek out and settle for Your best for me over my desire to orchestrate and design things according to my will.

A new day to trust You afresh that Your Plans are for my future are good.

When we serve you wholeheartedly, the need for us to be in continual control diminishes and is replaced by a steady trust that You hold the Whole World in Your Hands, so why not me too?

A new day to flee into Your loving embrace and just be held there until my Spirit has received you in full measure.

This is the day the Lord has made, and I woke up tired. My eyes keep closing as I write, but I choose to press on and ahead into the full measure of Your equipping grace that already has everything I need to flourish today. You promise fresh new mercies each and every day!

You are a good, goooood Papa God and as I learn to flee to You first, I learn by experience with You that You are available just as Your Word promises.

When I call on You, You are ever faithful to answer.

Give us the strength needed to come to You first rather than last.

Breathe into us just the assignments for today. Let us focus on the present day alone and leave the details of tomorrow in Your loving and capable Hands.

Lord, a holy refreshing for those who woke up weary this morning.

Meet us right in the hour of our need and drive away anything that is not from You. Drive out the fears, the worries, the stress, the weariness, the need to figure it all out on our own, the desire to know how it will all turn out.

Let us trust You to dot the i’s and cross each t with care.

Let us allow You room and space to come and do what You do best.

Lord, it takes strength to lay it all down at Your feet. It takes courage and it takes trust. Fill us with the strength, courage, and trust needed to let You be our Lord while we slip into our place of following wherever you go.

Make us a people known for our continual commitment to You.

In Jesus’s name, Amen.

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