Made For More and Resisting the enemy

Good Morning Gorgeous,

It’s a brand new day. A fresh new start. A new day to walk with the assurance that you were made for such a time as this. 
This moment. This day. This job. This. Right. Now. Is. NOT AN ACCIDENT.

Your placement in the earth. Your gifting. They are all purposeful and intentional by a good and all knowing Creator God who doesn’t make any mistakes. At all, ever.

And there is a real enemy working against God’s creation who doesn’t want it revealed to you just how predestined, chosen, planned, purposed, and perfect you are.
Some mornings I can feel the push back  against my writing. I believe there are messages that carry such power and strength in them that the enemy doesn’t want us to know them. And just who you are in Christ is one of those messages.

Yesterday, I missed publishing a blog post. I just couldn’t keep my eyes open to write, and this morning I feel the same struggle. When that happens for more than a day or two, I recognize it as a spiritual battle that I have to push through. The enemy would love to silence my voice. He held me hostage in silence for a long time afraid to walk in my God given identity. He shackled me in shame and made me question my every move.

That’s his classic move. He tries to make you question what God says to you and about you.

The enemy has only a very minuscule bag of tricks. He merely suggests things to us and then we either accept the bait or we stand firm in the Word.

His main form of attack is still the same as it was in the garden, “Did God really say?”   He poses this question to Eve to make her question what she believes about God and about what He really said.

And he does the same to us today…

Did God really call you to this?
Are you really God’s own child?
Do you really have a purpose and a destiny?
Are you really all that special?
Did Jesus really send you to spread His gospel?
Are His promises really for you?
Is all of this sacrifice really worth it in the end?
Are you really going to share your testimony?
Are you sure you can do this?

And the list goes on and on and on.

And the answer to each and every slanderous question from the enemy is found in the solid rock of God’s Word.
Jesus overcame the enemy in the desert by speaking scripture right back to him all three times. And then he left him alone.

And Jesus being our model of what mankind can do when filled with the Holy Spirit has shown us how we can overcome too!

We can stand firm against the enemy by standing on the everlasting, unchanging, life affirming Word of God.

Here are some I ams backed by scripture speak right back to the lies. 

I am chosen and predestined by God to do great things in the earth for His kingdom.
I am here right now at this time in history on planet earth with my voice and my talents because I have been chosen for such a time as this. This is my chosen time by God to impact a hurting earth.
I am able to overcome anything that rages against me when I partner with what God says about me.
I am sent by Jesus to speak His Word and He promises to be with me always.

I am destined for a good future ahead. Through it all, the Lord has good plans for me.

I am so loved by God that NOTHING can stand between us 
And those are just a few truths to stand on. Scripture is filled with truths that we can stand firm in and begin to experience all that God has for us.

He made us for MORE than mere existence. More than just survival. More than just barely keeping our head above the waves.

We are purposed and planned for impact in THIS hour. And in order to move ahead in destiny, we have to be able to speak back to the sneak attacks of the enemy.

Today, square out your shoulders and stand tall on the rock of Jesus. He has great and mighty things ahead for you. He has assignments for you, and He has planned and destined you for today.

Dear Heavenly Father,
Strengthen us against sneak attacks of the enemy. Reveal to us the power available to us in Your Word. Keep our minds guarded in the truth of what You say. Teach us to stand firm and strong against the enemy. In Jesus’s name, Amen.

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